Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Musically Delicious

Song From My Heart: original music designed, performed and recorded by the amazing Kate D. Godfrey, as a theme song for my sci-fi short story anthology Long Story Short. Which also serves as the general theme song for my Arcanum series of stories.

At my request, the incredible Vika Yermolyeva composed and recorded two instrumental versions of that song on piano:
cover 1

cover 2

Then, for fun, I manipulated both incarnations to create several new songs out of them:

Godfrey alternate 1
Godfrey alternate 2
Godfrey alternate 3
Godfrey alternate 4
Godfrey alternate 5

Vika alternate 1
Vika alternate 2
Vika alternate 3

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Artemis Eternal gives you wings, man

A brilliant way to display Wingman pride, with your love of cinema/ contempt for LOLlywood.
Designed in partnership of AAE creator Jessica Mae Stover and fantastic resident AAE artist Greg Martin, these beautifully rendered shirts are available only until January 7.
Profit from the shirt sales goes to ARTEMIS ETERNAL developments.
If I were to get another tattoo, this:
*bonus desktop wallpaper download of magnifiecent variant image also provided on other side of link above.
Also, learn more about the outstanding ARTEMIS ETERNAL film project/movement

This Innocence Is Brilly-ent: Limerence

As an inferential storyteller myself, I love the enigmatically inferential style of IDAK Production LIMERENCE, an esoteric (and silent) short film created by Isak Gundrosen & Ida Skjefstad.
A woman with nothing to wear is given a reverencial gift by an adoring stranger.
Subtle and sublime, a poetically mysterious theme and juxtaposition of clothed and unclothed runs throughout this fairy tale-ish story.

>also can be seen here:

Which Reaches From The Deepest Inner Mind

Written/Produced by Hunter Woo and Directed by Seaton Lin, the introspective short film Civilian brilliantly plays like a scene from one of the best Outer Limits episodes. I'd like to see the rest of that episode.
Through hypnosis, a woman recalls an eerie visitor who showed her a landscape of stars.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sci-Fi Spectacle of Modern Times

Allegedly with no budget and much free time and skill, some guys named Ben Craig, Simon Mountney, Tom Mountney and Robin Mair have deftly rendered a spectacular sci-fi short film of stunning visuals, called Modern Times.
With a concept simultaneously complex and simple, Modern Times is beautifully sketched in intricately casual world building detail.
On the surface, the obvious and most impressive aspect of the film is the gorgeous CGI visuals.
But looking deeper and further into the text, the story itself is equally impressive, implying-- and from which can be inferred-- a particular future reality that may be appreciated by Artemis Eternal Wingmen.
Not only is cinema clearly celebrated—- and on a grand technological and aesthetic scale, but people apparently still read paper printed books.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Intriguing Propositions: Jorge Luis Borges

As an independent art philanthropist and enthusiast, I’ve made it my mission to seek out exceptional unknown or lesser known fiction writers, and add their stories to my library.
Authors like Jeffery Harrell, Lee Thomas and me. Perhaps one of the most famous of such authors is the relatively unknown Jorge Luis Borges.
The profound, surrealist short stories of Borges are not to be read, so much as intuited & interpolated… deconstructed, decoded and deciphered. His fiction tends to be laced with fantastical themes of dreams, labyrinths, libraries, fictional writers, mythology and religion.
PhotobucketInnovatively metaphysical and metaphorical, many of his stories are meta-- a kind of labyrinth or puzzle box, infused with the arcane mystery and exploration inherent in each. Insinuated with uncanny subtext, Borges stories are frequently about more than the surface story itself, composed with multiple layers of interpretation and inference.
The exquisite and intricate poetry through which Jorge Luis Borges manifests his enigmatic tales is astounding and rare. His exotic literary style could be roughly described as a combination of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle... and me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candy Shop & Good Pretender @ Doorpost

Brandon McCormick of Whitestone Motion Pictures , in conjunction with the Doorpost Film Project, has produced a fantastic fairy tale of a short film entitled The Candy Shop ... a poignant parable about the child sex trafficking epidemic that has plagued the city of Atlanta. But it also serves as a mission statement for an activist movement against child prostitution: The Candy Shop
The owner of the titular candy shop in this exceptional story is a delightfully creepy mix of Willy Wonka and Michael Jackson (which is not an endictment of MJ as an alleged pedophile. Nor Willy Wonka.).

Also on the other side of the link is another film worth watching, made by Maziar Lahooti, called Good Pretender . A terrificly imaginitive story examines the complicated issue of the father/daughter relationship (when the father is single), as an ambivalent girl copes with the loss of her mother by blending her disapointing reality with the more satisfying fiction of her favorite movie: Terminator 2.
But she isn't the only one pretending.

A sampling of remarkable Mikko Löppönen films

Featuring a wonderful actress with great screen presence named Jessica Brandt, HMC Indie's Apocalypse short film evokes a palpable sense of nostalgic melancholy in an apocalyptic scenario on the cusp of becoming Post.

Somewhere in the distant future. A world under attack. A lone woman gazes into the abyss...

The whole film consists of a single scene, but I love how efficiently that mere scene implies more going on in the world around them-- both off camera as well as before and after; plus it defies the "defenseless, lone woman in distress" trope in Buffy The Vampire Slayer fashion.
So does this other film by HMC Indie Productions, also starring Jessica Brandt (who appears in several movies produced by Mikko Löppönen with HMC):
Towards the Exit

Both films also exemplify the possible effectiveness and grace of deliberately slow pacing-- a point often lost in this age obsessed with amped up action sequences and rushed plotting.

Lord of the Forests is another fine film from HMC, but this time without Brandt.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Joker vs Superman

Chris Notarile and Kim Santiago with Blinky Productions-- renown for their inventive DC comics fan films— have conceived a wonderfully original Superman story, featuring Notarile in his outstanding portrayal of Heath Ledger’s Joker, in Die Laughing . He is so good as this character that he would be an excellent understudy for Ledger. Besides Notarile’s fantastic recreation of the Joker from Nolan’s Batman films, particularly remarkable is the intriguing premise commenting on a fundamental aspect of Superman.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Musical Sounds: SnubbyJ on PVC percussion

I digs me some Blue Man Group style music, with its fabulously innovative and eccentric PVC pipe instrumentation.
Kent Jenkins wields such a device of his own making with a skill to nearly rival the eponymous Blue Men... a gift which he kindly shares with us on his Snubby J youtube channel. Thank you.
And play on...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinematic Chutzpah: RedLetterMedia movie reviews

As an example of proper critical film criticism, movie reviews produced by Red Letter Media should be required viewing for all college level media studies classes, as well as Artemis Eternal Wingmen. Adopting the deceptively “white trash” persona of Mr. Harry S. Plinkett, independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa intricately critiques the Star Wars Prequels and Star Trek: The Next Generation films (including the new Abrams Trek).
With fanboy passion, subversive humor and acerbic insight, the misogynistic Plinkett brings critical analysis to technical, logical and narrative mistakes in the making of these movies. His intelligent observations belie the mumbling, moronic, “dumb-ass” drawl of his voice, enabling him to present video essays of academic caliber without them sounding like it— intended so that the audience would be less intimidated or irked by his lecturing, “know it all” approach.
The content of his words reveals that this character is clearly smarter than implied by the way he speaks those words.
Rather than merely composing an itemized list of what went wrong, RedLetterMedia helpfully explains what should have been done instead.
also available on youtube

Space: 2099- Future Past Enhanced

Innovatively modifying a 1970s science fiction show called Space: 1999, the Space: 2099 project seeks to enhance the series, making it look more compatible with current technology— both in front of the camera and behind. And yet, design and TV production aesthetics unique to sci-fi of the 1970s are still terrifically apparent in the series.
The website features compressions of each episode into an extended-brief video montage summary , similar to a “last time on (insert title of previous episode here)” segment.
{edit: unfortunately, the episodes have been indefinitely removed; link inactive}
This aspect and ability of condensing a whole episode into a shortened clip that succinctly and coherently summarizes the story is what most impresses me as a manner of storytelling.
By editing and re-arranging footage to adjust pacing, plotting, special FX and correct inconsistency, the series as a whole undergoes a restructuring of chronology to create a new, more streamlined continuity intended to improve its narrative flow.
Organizer Eric Bernard describes this effort as the equivalent of reprinting a book, giving it a new cover and correcting typos and grammatical errors, but leaving the original content and spirit essentially unchanged.
An astonishing amount of time, dedication & devotion are involved a project of this kind, and the end results are-- at least for the viewer, and almost certainly the editor-- worth the effort. This remarkable SPACE: 2099 project is a work in progress, that deserves (and I very much hope recieves) completion and audience.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Emma Caulfield: Acts of Kindness

I’m not sure if this is art, but I like it.
In her desire to do something positive for humanity, actress Emma Caulfield tries to help Tubie-- a mentally retarded woman who wants to be an actress-- break into Hollywood. Emma opened a youtube channel documenting this amazing charity effort. Most impressive is Emma’s sincerity: Without condescension, pity or a sense of superiority, she treats Tubie as a real person, and not merely a pet project. I love and admire Emma for being so open minded, compassionate and brave. Her heartfelt advocacy is heartwarming and inspiring, and sets a great example of how we should treat people who are a little bit “off”.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sean Stubblefield presents new speculative fiction anthology

Posted without comment:
Memory becomes history becomes memory
3 short stories and 2 commentaries for $11

"We stand in witness, but refuse to see, afraid to hear the truth, of you and me."
-from the lyrics of the Batman: City of Scars theme song, by Madelynn Rae

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cosplay by Kamui

Photobucket *image credit= Svetlana Quindt*

As an admirer of cosplay, I marvel in awe at the elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship implemented by Kamui (aka- Svetlana Quindt). A well made, authentic looking costume is one of the highlights at a sci-fi convention. I am especially impressed when someone has not only the skill, but the necessary resources to apply that skill with intricate aesthetic detail.
The lavishly fantastical style of Kamui amazingly blends realism with an animated sensibility.

Get more info here:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetically Versed: Taylor Mali

How words are delivered is as important to their meaning as the words themselves; augmenting their power and profundity. Slam poetry is an art craft few can genuinely master. It’s not just a matter of emphatic pronunciation and verbal punctuation. Nuanced cadence of enunciation is the definitive attribute, imbuing rhythm and tone.
Taylor Mali is a teacher who is exceptionally gifted in performing slam poetry.
One of his best poetic displays (and one of my favorites) is a dramatic reading called What Teachers Make .

Mr. Mali kindly presents a plethora of other videos on youtube for our edification.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NewType of Unreal

Most music videos amount to little or nothing more than the bands showboating and simply playing their songs.
Too bad more music videos don’t or can’t do like Eisley did with their video for Wasn’t Prepared. Or as Russian band Unreal did for their song NEW TYPE ... make what is essentially a short film to illustrate the lyrics.
Referencing the fictional "Gundam" universe, the NewType vid has beautiful visuals accompanied by beautiful vocals.
All very Russian military industrial complex, with Nietzschean “ubermensch” elements.
Although I don’t care about Gundam, I would not mind seeing more in the style of this story.

Monday, October 18, 2010

All Hope Is Lost: Salvation

Presented in the style of an Outer Limits episode, Salvation -- by Michael Ballestero-- is an outstanding sci-fi story, brilliantly told.
Despite the brevity of a six minute run time, Salvation does an excellent job world building, inferring a fully realized universe, through a single fully realized character.
This short film wonderfully succeeds with interesting me in seeing more of this universe, and this character. Regretably, there does not seem to be more.

ART of Table Turning: It’s a trap!

ART is a clever short film from NoControl Cinema -- a small, Zuerich based video production company managed by Marco von Moos, who wrote and directed.

Exhibiting the NoControl trademark deception, ART is an intriguing “turn-about intruder” thriller dramedy. Nothing is what it seems, as a twisty-turny series of duplicitous deceptions, misdirections and reversing double-crosses unravels to reveal a mobeus strip of interlaced conspiracy. Hunter and prey shift, and shift again. Who is playing whom in this increasingly complex “Who’s on first?” scenario?
You may also watch ART on youtube:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unbound: that first step, it's a doozy

With Unbound, Jonathan Brebner devises an intriguing adaptation of the phrase “One step forward, two steps back”. This terrific short film demonstrates how a huge story can be built from a small nugget of an idea... and that you don’t always need a lot to get a lot. A connection forming between two strangers in passing can be a powerful phenomenon.

Unbound from Jonathan Brebner on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bridge of Marlon Torres

In general, I don’t care for war stories—especially those in a contemporary setting like WW2. They bore me.
Which is why it is weird that I chose to watch this one. Something about the look and feel of The Bridge compelled me to start watching... and then keep watching to the end. This is no ordinary war story.
Only afterward did I realize this wonderful film produced by Amy Ng, was written, directed, shot & edited by Marlon Torres. The Marlon Torres of Torres Studios , who made another spectacular short film I love called The Last Son of Celeste (which appears on this blog).

The Bridge - Official Teaser from Marlon Torres on Vimeo.

And you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not immerse yourself in his beautiful Pacifica video series of shore scenes.
Besides an adept filmmaker, Marlon is also a photographer of some skill, with samples available on his site.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Frank Black promo vids

The Back To Frank Black Campaign organized a contest to design movie posters for a potential Millennium movie. Helping to promote the poster project, campaign supporter Joselyn Rojas proves herself a skillful video composer by crafting three marvelous promo videos. Which you can see on the BTFB main website and their youtube site .
In each vid, she brilliantly synchronizes pacing, scene selection and the Inception movie trailer music I love so much, to make a soul stirring and interest inciting sequence.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

To The Beat Of A Different Drummer: Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko

To my great satisfaction, I was fortunate to witness Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko --Texas Branch provide the fantastic opening performance for Kaminari Taiko (at Miller Outdoor Theater).
I'm keen for Taiko... I've even written a story imagining my Arcanum character Cassie and her two best friends forming an all percussion band.
I am also mightily enamored by martial arts being mixed with, or performed as, dance... which is one of the reasons I loved M. Night’s The Last Airbender movie.
And RMD Texas does a splendid example of this.
To be fair, the Kaminari Taiko group presented an excellent concert, rife with intense, passionate energy and vibrant, well crafted choreography and musical skill. Plus, they featured the biggest drum in America.
But RMD really made an impression on me, because they incorporate more martial arts elements.
As well as included a certain stunning female performer whose beauty and grace—in both manner and appearance-- captivated me, and whose adeptness embodies the art at its pinacle (her name is Megan Clark; she can be seen at the far left of the following video sample).

More videos for “Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Texas” and “kuminari taiko” are available by searching Youtube

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SAVE THE FUTURE novelette, by Sean Stubblefield

“Save the future by saving the past?” I ask you, thinking out loud. “What does that mean?”

Integrating symbolic poetry with prose, SAVE THE FUTURE narratively critiques and challenges the “corporatization” of media and Hollywood mentality. This unique 85 page novelette is a Cassie O’Brien adventure, as tribute to Artemis Eternal Wingmen.
SYNOPSIS: Media has become extensively and intricately insinuated into our common, everyday existence.
Demanding a steady supply of diverse entertainment and information, The Audience voraciously and habitually consumes multitudes of various media.
But unfortunately, most of The Audience is made unaware or indifferent that mainstream media resources they normally take for granted are actually being capitalized & commercialized to create a prison for the mind.
Subverting The Audience through unscrupulous consolidation and manipulation of media, The Conglomerate -- an insidious clandestine and power hungry organization—seeks global domination.
Dazzled by diversion and deception, and overwhelmingly increasing magnitude of media options, The Audience is distracted and gradually dumbed-down with mindless entertainment & tabloid journalism.
Disgusted by this media corruption, a visionary named Jessica Mae Stover stepped forth to oppose them, initiating the Artemis Eternal movement to rally likeminded individuals dubbed Wingmen behind a banner of media literacy and liberty.
One of these courageous Wingmen is you.
With a precocious youth and a sage elder as your traveling companions, you will embark on a daring stream of consciousness adventure in the avatar of an Artemis Eternal Wingman to confront The Conglomerate tyranny. Along the way, a mysterious ally joins your quest, and helps you liberate The Audience from the pervasive & corruptive influence of The Conglomerate and… SAVE THE FUTURE

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure: filmography of Wendy McColm & Steven A. Soria

Because of the collaborative overlap, I’m combining two fantastically talented artists in this post: the beautiful and plucky actress/director/writer Wendy McColm ... and the innovative and evocative director/ cinematographer/writer Steven A. Soria (of The Indie Work Force Production company).

Wendy has an extensive portfolio of dramatic and comedic shorts she has produced, and also often works with Steven. One such remarkable project is The Seasons Series (Wendy appears in the ‘A Summer Adventure’ short)

As well as the charmingly awkward short film entitled

I’m looking forward to their new film together, about a girl and her imaginary friends, appropriately called Frankie & Friends.
Visit the sites of Wendy McColm and Steven Soria for many more entertaining and well made videos.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kamecke Designs Art From Old Circuit Boards

Utilizing patterns in the horizontal and vertical grids of old obsolete circuit boards, Theo Kamecke builds exquisitely decorated chests, sculptures and boxes — some are even functional.
Painstakingly crafted by hand, each item is unique and literally one of a kind.
Awe inspiring in their exotically Egyptian design, evoking an eerie sense of the divine, with a “futuristic-yet-ancient-technology” aesthetic that seems extra-terrestrial.

(I can easily see these items in the reliquary... or even data storage devices... in my Arcanum fiction)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Light In The Darkness of Star Wars fan films

As Wil Wheaton might euphemistically say, Star Wars has inspired a non-zero number of fan films.
Unfortunately, most of them tend to be derivative, having all the temerity & celerity of a Civil War re-enactment. Or LARPing.
A very few of them rise to the level of being capable of genuinely expanding or evolving the SW mythos with a story that is both truly original and concordantly authentic.
One of those few is A Light In The Darkness— a high quality, low budget Star Wars fan film with a great story, directed by Fed Wetherbee and written/ co-produced by Fed Wetherbee & PJ Tamayo.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Firefly fan film “The Game” is shiny

The folks responsible for making a minimalist Firefly fan film entitled The Game deserve to be commended for their unlikely achievement.
Not the making of a fan film, but a fan film all the more impressive despite & because of its low budget limitations.
Although the acting is atrocious, the essence of each character still shines through as recognizable, with a cast that delivers consistency in dialogue, behavior and appearance. Which is a significant accomplishment on its own.
Particularly remarkable, is that the story reads and plays out exactly as an actual Firefly episode would, and could easily have been part of the series.
Writer Connor Wilson and Director Ryan Geffert impressively manage to authentically depict the characterization of the Serenity crew, as well as the intrinsic spirit, thematic tone and visual style of the Firefly ‘verse as presented by Joss Whedon. Even down to faithfully and well duplicating the split-screen intro sequence with new casting.
But none of that would matter-- would even have been possible-- if The Game didn’t proceed from a good story and solid script.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Officially Flavored: Charles Holbert

Apparently, there are many exceptionally talented illustrators who are not working “professionally”... by which I mean they are not getting steady or even intermittent work in the comics industry proper. (It’s a very crowded/limited market.)
Independent illustrator Charles Holbert, aka KidNotorious on Deviant Art, and creator of the Hawt Girl mascot at Comic Oasis in Vegas, is clearly not unskilled in the drawing arts. Marvel at the unique and uncanny stylings in the vast & impressive portfolio of magnificent sketches Charles has accumulated, featuring a multitude of comic book characters.
This may be a case where words just get in the way, and aren’t really needed, so I’ll just say go look in awe and wonder at the splendiferous... uh, yeah, shutting up now...


Fashionably Sci-Fi: Tara Reich

One of my favorite parts of genre conventions is innovative costuming on display.
Tara Reich is cleverly taking cos-play to a whole other level!
With a fantastic array of Doctor Who inspired clothing, she is bringing beautiful high fashion to girl-geeks and showing there is high fashion to be derived from sci-fi that can express fandom in a subtle way… instead of wearing a costume or tee shirt.
I adore the concept of sci-fi inspired fashion design, and wish there were more designers willing to engage a science fiction sensibility.
*image credit-Tara Reich*

See more stellar sci-fi styling from Tara here .
... but what are the guys to wear?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chris Foreman & Jon Hughes: a dynamic duo of comicbook illustration

While I was at ApolloCon science fiction convention, I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful artists (and, as far as I could tell, wonderful people) Chris Foreman and Jon Hughes .
Chris and Jon are highly skilled independent illustrators & colorists who specialize in duplicating comic book characters in their own particular drawing styles, but also do original character sketches.
I watched in awe as Chris created this fantastic sketch card scene in an hour:
Think about it: this magnificent piece of art would not exist if I hadn’t commissioned it!
Let that be a lesson to you: support worthy artists with your commission requests when possible, whatever the medium. Such collaboration creates unique art pieces that would not exist otherwise.
Also, I am the only person--- in all the world-- who has this.

During the time Chris was making his magic, I got the added bonus of conversing with Jon about his equally impressive art.
It would be in your best interest if you visit their deviant art pages, linked above.
Both of them are partners in art, and share an ebay store where you can buy some of their incredible images.

I’m planning/hoping to commission both of them for images of my Arcanum character: Cassie O’Brien—who often appears in my fiction books.
Both accept such unsolicited commission requests.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Challenge the way you think about storytelling


13 original short stories inspired by Kate Godfrey songs, featuring characters from The Arcanum universe I've created.
Like all my fiction, these are experimentation and exploration of storytelling.
In the spirit of the Artemis Eternal project, Burden Of The Torchbearer offers a consideration of Media related issues, expressed through the peculiar lives of not-so-ordinary people.
Click through to read back cover summary, introduction and chapter titles.
147 pages for $13 (limited time price)
*also available for $5 as PDF download.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Musical Sounds: Bassoforte

About 20 seconds into this video, I thought, “Dude, that’s Awesome! I gotta blog this!”

Sound designer and composer Diego Stocco has a talent for innovating and improvising music. One of his inventions is an ingenious musical instrument he calls Bassoforte--- achieved by splicing a piano keyboard with strings from an electric bass and guitar... and various things.
As the name says, the device literally combines Bass and Pianoforte... and plays quite nicely, producing a unique, interesting tune. Much of the music created by Diego has a very 'Steampunk' aesthetic-- in sound, instrument design & construction.

Diego Stocco - Bassoforte from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

Listen to other samples of his imaginitive musical experimentation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kate Covington: in the realm of the fantastical

Singer/song-writer Kate Covington (katethegreat19) is among those rare artistic treasures one is fortunate and delighted to stumble across while wandering the internets.
She demonstrates an impressive proficiency in wide range of talents to create an intoxicating sound: not only is she skilled at arranging diverse musical instruments with lovely vocals, Kate also merges them with beautiful video montages consisting of fantasy anime images, while crafting original lyrics.
Not only does Kate compose these marvelous musical tapestries entirely by herself, but she does so with high caliber production values and a flare for mystical aesthetics.
Her musical style is gracefully infused with a profound spirituality and fantastic sense of the magical.

Kate Covington’s self-produced CD is imminent.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Center of Mass: Fragments

For some reason, the mechanism of re-using the same principal actors who complement each other so well in a series of unrelated films appeals to me. In forming Center Mass Studios, talented director Matthew A. Collins and co-producer Ryan Daly joins with talented actors Delfine Paolini and A.E Santaniello-- and does this quite brilliantly, in the short film Fragments . (also, The Crossing, A Parliament of Rooks, and All That Glitters.)
In Fragments, an eager young student becomes an apprentice to her elder mentor in a deliciously & marvelously surprising twist of fate.
Image credit: Center Mass

Applying the Artemis Eternal ethos of filmmaking, this crew believes that “without a good story, a film can never achieve greatness.”
Center Mass has proven themselves adept storytellers in the arena of cinema, well capable of creating interesting, independently‐produced high quality shorts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Franc Grom: patience & eggs

The intricate designs carved by Franc Grom are visually quite impressive enough on their own, but become even more so when you consider the medium used:
egg shells!
With stunning patience, precision and a tiny electric drill, the Slovenian artist pokes holes in hollowed egg shells to create art pieces, to beautiful effect.
Some projects—- a single egg shell—- can take several months to complete!
They become even more attractive when illuminated in a brilliant glow.
see more here

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: trusting Artemis Eternal

I've long wondered why people resisted & distrusted the Artemis Eternal film initiative.
I'm intrigued by the revelation that project essentials may not be clear to all passersby. Maybe you are inclined to trust the commendable ideals and intentions of AE-- and maybe you want to... but can you trust the people behind the words?
Are they (the people and the words) genuine & legitimate?
Do they have the skills & resources to properly manage such a grand endeavor?
Can you give them the benefit of the doubt?
These are questions that have halted me from donating to other seemingly worthy indie films.
I liked what they wanted to do... but could & should I trust them with my limited $?
Not everyone has the perspective to see/ understand/ appreciate the purpose of the Artemis Eternal movement--- which is why the project was created: to provide this perspective on the relationship between Man and Media.
The most important function of the Artemis project is advocating media literacy & liberty-- encouraging a mindfulness about how media (entertainment and NEWS) is used, and its social effects (potential/actual).
As well as recognizing audience role in perpetuating the status quo of mediocre and mundane and irresponsible media.
But Artemis Eternal is too comprehensive/ intricate to be summarized in a blurb.
I've concluded that the best way to establish a trust between audience and Artemis is for skeptical potentials to immerse yourself in the discussions & parephanalia associated with the project. Get to know the remarkable, visionary producer Jessica Mae Stover and Wingmen through our conversations. Primarily at Jessica Stover Dot Com.
I think the most fundamental/ relevant aspect of this project is that the Wingmen community represents & expresses a mindset & methodology of authentic creativity and creative experiences...
it is not just about making a movie-- that's just a bonus.
And a demonstration.
Moreso, it is about how & why movies are made-- with particular focus on preserving the sanctity & integrity of the art and the artist, while thereby also avoiding betraying the audience.
Indeed, this is totally a "Crazy art project", which I'm proud & excited to be involved with. And we invite similarly minded to--
I won't say "join us"-- but participate & help support our efforts. Nor will I say this isn't a scam or a cult, and we're not trying to trick you into giving us your money.
Just watch and learn... see for yourself.
Don't simply take our word for it.
Keep in mind: our motto is NO WIMPS.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Magnetic Fields of Robert Hodgin

It’s wonderfully fun when science and art mesh as one. Unlimited are the possibilities for making beautiful geometric constructions.
Combining & connecting thousands of small magnetized spheres and cylinders, Robert Hodgin has devised an array of stunning geometric sculptures -- amazingly held together with only the power of magnetism.
A delicate and tenuous balance is maintained; I can imagine these things easily falling apart with the slightest movement, shift in pressure, or deviation of magnetic force.
The intricate planning and craftsmanship involved is impressive.
Sci-fi coolness.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Worlds Collide: sifting realities

Sifting Realities is a remarkable semi-dark & semi-comedic sci-fi webseries, produced by Old Man in the CrossWalk Productions, in which the main character— Belinda-- suffers from intermittently and spontaneously shifting between simultaneous alternate realities.

At any given moment, she experiences multiple realties at the same time, as parallel realities cross and blend into each other around her. Sometimes she accepts and integrates herself into a reality divergence, sometimes she resists and flees.
The series does a very credible-- and incredible-- job of realistically depicting its innovative concept— due, in no small part, to the wonderfully authentic portrayal of Belinda, and the inevitable sense of schizophrenia from the schism created by overlapping realities.
Particularly endearing is the inclusion of a sympathetic and accommodating best friend, who graciously & gracefully accepts her friend’s bizarre predicament as a matter of course, much better than Belinda. As if Belinda’s condition was no more out of the ordinary than a handicap, cancer or amnesia.
Sifting Realities also makes excellent use of indigenous character traits & tropes… like Belinda being fond of baking cookies and eating a recently made cookie to comfort her after a sifting reality incident, as well as introducing each episode with a flash forward scene from later in that episode.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yet Another Brilliant Song From Kate Godfrey

The song itself is awesome enough-- lyrically & aurally. But I am especially fond of the video's visual aesthetic & composition. Sheer elegance in its simplicity!

"Proceed" by Kate Godfrey

Kate Godfrey | MySpace Music Videos

for my­self I will choose
and of course this is what I'll do
push my lim­its till I'm great full
pull my rope to a thread
take it all in till it's painful
or un­til I wind up dead

for the sake of a fu­ture to pur­sue
there is more
I'd love to see with you
cut the breath of the tan­gle
let the rest fall in­to place
no rea­son to feel shame­full
of a past you can't erase

see what I need
this is what I see
though some blood
is sure to bleed
I still plan to pro­ceed

for my­self I will choose
and of course this is what I'll do
push my lim­its till I'm great full
pull my rope to a thread
take it all in till it's painful
or un­til I wind up dead

see what I need
this is what I see
though some blood
is sure to bleed
I still plan to pro­ceed

at the brink of this world, would you join me...


Can you see how she inspired my next writing project? short stories derived from her songs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

Integrating participants from several countries, Eric Whitacre has COMPOSED AND CONDUCTED the best implementation of a collab video I’ve yet seen.
Very impressed, am I. The concept alone is genius, but the execution is what makes it most awesome.

A marvelous demonstration of the interactive connectivity & collective creativity the internets is capable of.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PIA: android finds love after death

It is always a special treat when I unexpectedly find (or am referred to), as I often do, great cinema like this fascinating story titled PIA, deftly written and directed by Tanuj Chopra. Even better when it is also sci-fi. I’m thrilled to see that there are so many exceptional short films being made, but it’s unfortunate that so few of them get the exposure and attention they deserve.

P I A is an astounding independent science fiction short film project commissioned by ITVS (Independent Television Service) as part of their new “FUTURESTATES” initiative, in which 11 filmmakers are given the opportunity to present an original vision of the American future in a short film.

In the near future, advanced, organic-hybrid service androids, imported from India, have replaced the human labor force in the United States.
When a woman in mourning encounters a mysterious wandering service android, she begins to redefine her conceptions of humanity, relationships, and family.

An excellent display of minimalism in storytelling.
I’m especially impressed with Pia Shah’s noteworthy portrayal of the title character android in multiple variations.
Vibrantly subtle & sublime, PIA revels in the glory of the human spirit, as a testament to the transcendent power & beauty of authentic love exceeding the boundaries of conventional expectation.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quaerito: FREE chapbook sampler

The term "quaerito" (in Latin) means "to quest or seek earnestly/ persistently", and is the name of my new book.
Created exclusively for this twitter-based collection, the Quaerito chapbook has all new original content, splicing together subject matter from all my books into a representative microcosm of my lexicon: speculative fiction mini-stories, media commentary, and philosophy (plus a few poems).
FREE PDF download
Also in print (4.25" x 6.88"), for only the cost of printing/shipping. I am giving this booklet away as a free demonstration; making no $. Be assured, the content is not of diminished quality just because it is free.
I’m considering this to be in the Creative Commons, so please share freely.
If you like what I’ve done here, I hope you’ll be generous and appreciative enough to support my writing efforts.
None of this material has appeared in any of my other books, having been compiled merely to provide a sample of the kind of material you’ll find in those books (see side bar>).
Quaerito is pure, concentrated awesomeness,
distilled within 50 pages.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pat Acton: Matchstick Man

For over 25 years, Pat Acton has been intricately gluing thousands—sometimes even millions—- of matchsticks together, building large scale models!!! With all that practice, he has gotten quite skilled in the craft of matchstick modeling. The scope of detail and commitment involved is rather staggering.
Yes, apparently, there is such a thing as matchstick model building.
Many of his amazing creations are on display at the Matchstick Marvels Museum .
One of his most recent-- and most impressive-- projects has been constructing a miniature matchstick replica of Minas Tirith, The City of Kings from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings:
Uh... wow. And there’s more where that came from.

Some folks might wrongly feel it appropriate to mock or belittle this kind of artistic effort as “having too much free time”... which is about the most insulting thing you could tell creative people regarding their creation. But such creatives would say (perhaps with pity for they who cannot comprehend the interest), on the contrary, they don’t have time enough to spend on their artistic passion.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wayne: man dresses up like a bat?

I love the style and intriguing conceptualization Andy Schlachtenhaufen has done in this Batman inspired short film entitled “Wayne" . And I really wish more fan film makers would be as creative with re-interpretations as Wayne is, with an alternate reality origin story for Batman.

Shadowed by a lifetime of brutal mistreatment, Wayne has a tendency to violently lash out when provoked. Recently released from prison, he has taken up residence in the bowels of a dilapidated theatre where he works the night shift as a janitor. With the help of his do-gooder social worker, Wayne is committed to controlling his temper, but when a gang of criminals push him too far, he chooses instead to utilize it.
This riveting film could easily be the “teaser” and foundation for a longer film, or even a series I would wanna see.
David Schlachtenhaufen gives a remarkable performance as the fascinating central character, in a wonderful premise of a masked vigilante.

Authorly Advice

To Aspiring Writers, whether fiction or non---
I often cringe when reading some of the trite & rote advice writers tend to give aspiring writers. Because it often contradicts not only logic, but my own experience as a writer. So in thirteen points, I’ll tell you what advice you should accept, and what you should reject.
I shall dispense this advice… now:
1. Wear… sunscreen.
No, wait. That’s not right.

1. Read. A lot. As much and as often as possible, and a wide variation of styles/ genres. That is actually good advice for a writer, whether novice or seasoned. But especially read most the genre in which you want to write, and the authors you enjoy reading. Read widely, but with great discrimination & discernment.
Do not attempt to study or dissect favorite authors; merely immerse yourself in their work and absorb through habitual osmosis. Do not try to copy their style or literary voice—you should construct your own. The more you are exposed to written words, the more familiar you will become with their composition, and the more comfortable & educated you will be in arranging them.

Prioritize & make time for what matters to you. Practice… but contrary to the conventional wisdom thoughtlessly quoted by many authors, do not try to write every day. Do not force yourself to write, merely for the sake of writing.
Otherwise, you’ll not only fatigue yourself, but you’ll waste already limited available time.
Plus, you’re more likely to produce crap. And you want to practice writing good material, not crap. Therefore, seek to write only when you have something to say, when you have time to focus & relax, when you are in the right (write) mindset/mood, and when you are in a comfortable/ isolated area undisturbed. Forced writing very rarely and then very coincidentally produces good material.
Make time & effort to write as often as possible. Make excuses to write instead excuses to not write. As a writer, you should naturally be compelled to write, with a nagging urgency. Writing (and practice) ought not be something you have to force yourself to do. When inspiration and mood comes, they must be followed by self-discipline.

3. Don’t be afraid to mess up or fail. Don’t let yourself be distracted by feelings/ impressions that you are not good enough, or that what you are currently writing isn’t good enough. Keep writing… you can edit & revise later or as you go along.

4. Passively edit while you write. Save the active editing for when you’ve finished a draft. If a new/better idea or different approach comes to mind … do not put it off until later. Deal with it now, while it is fresh in your mind. Make written notes as ideas occur to you, if you are unable to clarify or elaborate them in the moment, so that you can contemplate & develop them later.

5. Self edit. Please! Don’t create stuff just to create stuff. You would only clutter up the place. Do not put into the public sphere anything you are not proud of and pleased with. Make things that matter to you.
Also, boredom is never a good reason to make something. Have a purpose and a passion for your creativity. Most importantly on this point, don’t subject the world to your flotsam.

6. If you think/feel you’ve hit a dead end, if you don’t know anymore what you’re saying or trying to say… that what you are writing is going nowhere or stalled--- if what you are writing bores you, then you’re doing it wrong. Stop writing and step away. Don’t walk away; at least not yet. Pause and do something else for a while, but do not procrastinate.
Take a break… time away to re-evaluate what you’ve done & what you intend to do, compose your thoughts, let ideas ruminate/ percolate in the back of your mind, wait for new perspective or inspiration about your approach/intent to form. If you don’t know exactly or completely where the writing is going, it is ok to make it up & figure it out along the way. Writing is a process and an exploration… it doesn’t ever come out fully formed at inception.

7. Never write for an audience, a publisher or a market. Story/ content is paramount. Just tell your story--- your way, IN your own way. You don’t know everyone who will read what you write, and taste is subjective. Write for yourself.
Remember that any commercial possibilities are irrelevant to the writing process.
Writing has nothing to do with publishing/selling. If the main or only reason you want to be a writer (i.e. published writer) is vanity… to see your name printed or to “hear yourself talk”, then do us all a favor and cease writing.

8. Do your due diligence of researching and fact checking. Don’t be afraid to research what you don’t know. It will make what you write better, more authentic, and you may learn something in the process.
You may even get material or ideas for other writing.

9. Adopt a minimalist approach to writing: be frugal and brief whenever possible. Avoid gratuitous, rambling or excessive detail & descriptions.
Writers often endorse the concept of “murder your darlings”— cutting out or trimming beloved content that is superfluous, extraneous, self-indulgent or slows the momentum/ impact of the material. Ignore that. Simply tell the story.
No, I’ll rephrase that. LET the story happen; don’t get in its way with ego, or preconceived assumptions & rules about proper structure or format.
Don’t be afraid to include extra indirectly related information, or detour on parenthetical tangents… if it elaborates on and is pertinent to your “story” or the world/platform you are building, keep it in.

10. Never use clichés except to make a point, or to compose a character/ setting/ plot archetype. Defy & resist cliché, expectations and the formulaic.

11. Authenticity is vital! Take the writing & content seriously.
If you don’t, then how can you expect the audience to? Being inauthentic creates an inconsistency that is detracting because it is distracting, and distracting because it is detracting.
(NEVER be funny just to be funny--- you will invariably fail).
NEVER ignore reality or realism for the sake of expediency or laziness. Your writing should always be related to or framed in a sense of believability in all facets.
Always write up to your potential audience, not down. Respect them as you would respect yourself being a reader.
Also, do not insult their intelligence by over-explaining or over-simplifying; engage readers through participation of letting them figure/ find some things out on their own, for themselves.

12. DO use creative verbs to describe actions and dialogue, at every opportunity. Don’t be afraid to use adverbs to modify verbs—- this makes the content more interesting and developed. Feel free to employ adjectives to enhance the character and ambience of content. Alliteration can be your ally.

13. Don’t underestimate or neglect the importance and power of a meaningful and imaginative title.
I tend to judge a book by its title more than its cover. If your title isn’t very creative, then I suspect maybe the content that follows isn’t either. The title is the first contact a reader has with a story: make it interesting.
Similarly, a title can also help set the tone/ theme of your writing, and summarily remind you what your writing is intended to be about.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Through The Rift Darkly

Well done, Brent McCorkle!!!
You've written & directed a great movie.
In the dark horse of a short film entitled “The Rift" , Jude wakes up in a strange and horrible place where the sun never shines. Darkness, painful memories, and despair prevail. He fears that he has gone to Hell, and that he will be forever separated from his beloved wife, Maggie. Things begin to change for the better when he stumbles upon an eight-year-old girl in trouble named Nadia. But is there a way out of this place apparently devoid of hope?

The greatness of The Rift gradually and vibrantly sneaks up on you, tying strings around your heart- like the emotional connection building between Jude & Nadia-- until you suddenly realize its pulling those strings as if your heart is a marionette… dancing for joy.
These two endearing characters beautifully illustrate the power of genuine affection to strengthen a relationship & empower individuals, as well as how bonds may be forged between sympathetic strangers in a shared experience.

I don't know who you are
But you seem very nice
So will you talk to me
Shall I tell you a story
Shall I tell you a dream

-- K'S CHOICE; Everything For Free

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Premiere of La Premiere

La Premiere , a phenomenal film directed by Michael & and co-produced with Nick Regalbuto, serves well as a glorious tribute to cinema and the filmmaking craft.
This story focuses on the Lumiere Brothers, Auguste and Louis, a pair of young inventors who dream of making images big enough for the whole world to see. Based on a true story, La Premiere tells the exciting tale of the invention of cinema as we know it. It’s a story about possibility and believing that with hard work and vision, you can make the impossible possible.
Much like the equally impressive full length indie film Shadow Magic, La Premiere marvelously depicts the early days of motion picture in its inception & introduction to the public.
Also in common, is the sense of awe & wonder evoked in the audience at the essential impression of magic in the medium—both technologically and as a means of storytelling.
Given the continual advances in movie making technology that our society is perhaps too familiar with, we regrettably tend to take much for granted, too easily becoming jaded & forgetting how amazing the creation of motion pictures really is (or can be)… tragically becoming even incapable of being amazed by the simple complexity involved in such a thing.
Fortunately, the delightful La Premiere (like Shadow Magic) vividly reminds us of the power & joy that film and the movie-going experience has… inviting us again to marvel with innocent eyes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Butterfly Circus

Ladiiies aaand gentlemennn, children of all ages... prepare to be astounded & amazed!!!
Joshua Weigel's exceptional short film The Butterfly Circus (written by Joshua Weigel and Rebekah Weigel) is a powerfully inspirational Nietzschean tale of dignity, will to power and self-creation.

At the height of the Great Depression, the charismatic showman of the renowned Butterfly Circus leads his troupe through the devastated American landscape, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way. During their travels, they discover a quadriplegic man ridiculed as a degrading side show attraction at a carnival… but after an intriguing encounter with the Butterfly showman, he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed about himself and his possibilities.
With graceous eloquence & elegance, the performers embody the belief that their acts should inspire and awe the audience-- not shock or disgust with their peculiarities.

The main character, a man with no arms or legs (Incredibly played by Nick Nujicic-- an actual quadriplegic; not done with special FX), gradually realizes he has the power to change his self-perception and how he lives his life.
However, it is perhaps no accident that he accomplishes this in a nourishing environment of acceptance and encouragement.
Life with a disability does not inherently make you less human… is NOT necessarily a life without value, hope, meaning or purpose.
Beautiful cinematography complements beautiful acting and beautiful writing in The Butterfly Circus.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Uncle Jack’s Misadventure: Sooo... THAT happened

Art imitates life in Uncle Jack -- a charmingly whimsical fairy tale of a short film, by Jamin Winans of DoubleEdgeFilms (the makers of the cinematically enigmatic film INK).
In a Whedonesque casting move, Winans recruits a few actors from INK (Quinn Hunchar, Chris Kelly, Jeremy Make), bringing together a talented crew to present a wonderful & wondrous adventure. This is a terrific filmmaker to keep your eye on.
I can't summarize anyting about Uncle Jack without giving too much away, so I highly recommend you watch & see for yourself.

The fantastical sci-fi twistiness to the way the character Jack’s niece finishes his bizarre story introduces another intriguing story to be told about her.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kate Godfrey creates awesome theme song for Long Story Short

Stop whatever you are doing, now. Download and listen to the stunning theme song for Long Story Short ---FREE.
Words in the song are a traditional Irish phrase:
"Amran O' Mo Kroi", which means "Song From My Heart".

"We are sooo pleased with it, and thank you greatly for the inspiration to pursue such a project.
I am thrilled with the way that it turned out!" --Kate
(Me too)

"This is one of my favorite projects I have ever worked on thus far. I can't wait to read your book!" --Kate

excerpt from the book acknowledgements:
When the idea occurred to me to enhance this book with cross media storytelling through an original, specially made theme song, my first and only choice for the composer was Kate Godfrey.
It was Kate, or no one. Her unique, innovative musical style immediately and indelibly impressed me… and is perfect for this project.
I was grateful and thrilled that she enthusiastically accepted the challenge of my request, designing an excellent song named after and complementing my book.

Read my interview with the remarkable Kate Godfrey
Now, suitably impressed, go listen to her other spectacular music (ask her about buying her album).
LSS companion song produced with assistance from David Durrant at:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Postcards From The Future

Postcards From The Future , a glorious film produced by Alan Chan & Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe (of Mahalo Bay Films), should be mandatory in every high school science class around the world.
And shown to every congressman & voter skeptical or hesitant about the value of supporting space exploration.
Seen through the eyes of an engineer working to build a base on the moon, and who occasionally sends video postcards back to his wife on Earth, Postcards From The Future is a powerfully inspirational & moving pseudo-documentary that explores –and endorses—a viable future in space for humanity.
I am not ashamed to admit… I got a little something in both eyes.
A compelling human adventure, full of encouraging --& courageous-- optimism, hope and joy, PFTF is one of the best propaganda/recruitment videos NASA (or any such agency) could hope for.
I highly recommend you watch this remarkable motion picture, illustrating the potential of our tentative first steps in building a bridge to the future.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kitty Is A Very BAD Mystic

I totally adore this, from klaatu 42’s Talking Animals Channel!
Using voice-over to put words in animals’ mouths for creating a narrative seems such an obvious choice for storytelling, I’m surprised we don’t see more of it.
Especially considering the general popularity of lol cats and animal vids on youtube.
This brilliantly charming & cleverly funny video tells the momentary story of a talking so-called mystic cat who fails to summon a dead mouse upon request.
Kitty is a very BAD Mystic = Pure genius in idea and execution.
I want to see more such videos of this caliber.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fantastic World of INK

From Double Edge Films comes the innovative & imaginative high-concept sci-fi thriller indie film extravaganza... I N K
Written and directed by Jamin Winans, Ink is a poignant story about the power of storytelling and dreams to define and direct us.
Plus, interestingly illustrates implications of narrative causality.
Interweaving conscious and unconscious realms, Ink takes us through a labrynthine struggle between agents of good dreams and agents of bad dreams—- as a creature called Ink steals the spirit of a special 8 year old girl. An excellent cast brings to life a wonderful script with the nuance and depth of fully realized characters. Visually & conceptually spectacular.

The more I thought about Ink, the more I liked it. The more I liked it, the more I felt compelled to buy the DVD. Not just to add to my collection of awesome stories, and to watch again (and again)... but also to thank the creators.

Ink works equally well on at least three levels of interpretation:
*non-corporeal entities who only appear human, as processed by human brain/ conceptions.
*non-corporeal human spirit agents.

The “surprise” plot twist ending is predictable, if you are paying attention—- but in the good way, in that it is a logical extension of the narrative sequence.

buy Ink DVD
Also available on Netflix and iTunes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Exposition of Ally Jade

Photography is the essential passion for Ally (Alexandra) Jade, the creative outlet that keeps her sane. So I'm glad Ally is able to take her pictures, for her sake and mine/ the world's.
She can really do incredible things with her camera!
As you can see along her photo stream , Ally is a beautiful girl, but that’s not why I’m smitten with her gorgeous pictures.
Indeed, many of her best pics don’t even show her face.
I’ve included a few of my favorites here. I simply adore her aesthetic style, her artistic vision.
2009, she engaged in a bold 52 week self-portrait project (taking one artful self image each week), intended as a creative means of exposing & expanding herself—emotionally, physically and as a photographer. Amazing, not just in the commitment of 52 consecutive weeks, or the quality of images... but also (perhaps mostly) in its soul bearing spirit of adventure. Not only in the images themselves, but in their description text, as well.
Which is made an even more impressive endeavor, considering Ally is admittedly shy and introverted. I admire her courage, her imagination, and her skill.
Displaying a proficiency & insight seemingly beyond her 18 years of age.
Conceptually, she takes the kind of pictures I do... but more technically adept than I am.
Learn more about Ally & her stunning photo work in this interview, on page 10:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Battlestar Galactica fan film: Lucifer

Dude. Wow.
This Battlestar Galactica short fan film made by Josh Ingle is extraordinary!
Although apocryphal, BSG: LUCIFER is quite well crafted, and presents a fascinating scenario while posing interesting questions of what might—and could-- have been in the Ron Moore BSG mythos. A very powerful & poignant Neo meets The Architect vibe from The Matrix movies.