Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PIA: android finds love after death

It is always a special treat when I unexpectedly find (or am referred to), as I often do, great cinema like this fascinating story titled PIA, deftly written and directed by Tanuj Chopra. Even better when it is also sci-fi. I’m thrilled to see that there are so many exceptional short films being made, but it’s unfortunate that so few of them get the exposure and attention they deserve.

P I A is an astounding independent science fiction short film project commissioned by ITVS (Independent Television Service) as part of their new “FUTURESTATES” initiative, in which 11 filmmakers are given the opportunity to present an original vision of the American future in a short film.

In the near future, advanced, organic-hybrid service androids, imported from India, have replaced the human labor force in the United States.
When a woman in mourning encounters a mysterious wandering service android, she begins to redefine her conceptions of humanity, relationships, and family.

An excellent display of minimalism in storytelling.
I’m especially impressed with Pia Shah’s noteworthy portrayal of the title character android in multiple variations.
Vibrantly subtle & sublime, PIA revels in the glory of the human spirit, as a testament to the transcendent power & beauty of authentic love exceeding the boundaries of conventional expectation.


  1. I was very astounded by this film too. I'm glad you saw it too. Science Fiction made with soul.