Monday, April 26, 2010

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: trusting Artemis Eternal

I've long wondered why people resisted & distrusted the Artemis Eternal film initiative.
I'm intrigued by the revelation that project essentials may not be clear to all passersby. Maybe you are inclined to trust the commendable ideals and intentions of AE-- and maybe you want to... but can you trust the people behind the words?
Are they (the people and the words) genuine & legitimate?
Do they have the skills & resources to properly manage such a grand endeavor?
Can you give them the benefit of the doubt?
These are questions that have halted me from donating to other seemingly worthy indie films.
I liked what they wanted to do... but could & should I trust them with my limited $?
Not everyone has the perspective to see/ understand/ appreciate the purpose of the Artemis Eternal movement--- which is why the project was created: to provide this perspective on the relationship between Man and Media.
The most important function of the Artemis project is advocating media literacy & liberty-- encouraging a mindfulness about how media (entertainment and NEWS) is used, and its social effects (potential/actual).
As well as recognizing audience role in perpetuating the status quo of mediocre and mundane and irresponsible media.
But Artemis Eternal is too comprehensive/ intricate to be summarized in a blurb.
I've concluded that the best way to establish a trust between audience and Artemis is for skeptical potentials to immerse yourself in the discussions & parephanalia associated with the project. Get to know the remarkable, visionary producer Jessica Mae Stover and Wingmen through our conversations. Primarily at Jessica Stover Dot Com.
I think the most fundamental/ relevant aspect of this project is that the Wingmen community represents & expresses a mindset & methodology of authentic creativity and creative experiences...
it is not just about making a movie-- that's just a bonus.
And a demonstration.
Moreso, it is about how & why movies are made-- with particular focus on preserving the sanctity & integrity of the art and the artist, while thereby also avoiding betraying the audience.
Indeed, this is totally a "Crazy art project", which I'm proud & excited to be involved with. And we invite similarly minded to--
I won't say "join us"-- but participate & help support our efforts. Nor will I say this isn't a scam or a cult, and we're not trying to trick you into giving us your money.
Just watch and learn... see for yourself.
Don't simply take our word for it.
Keep in mind: our motto is NO WIMPS.

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