Sunday, December 19, 2010

A sampling of remarkable Mikko Löppönen films

Featuring a wonderful actress with great screen presence named Jessica Brandt, HMC Indie's Apocalypse short film evokes a palpable sense of nostalgic melancholy in an apocalyptic scenario on the cusp of becoming Post.

Somewhere in the distant future. A world under attack. A lone woman gazes into the abyss...

The whole film consists of a single scene, but I love how efficiently that mere scene implies more going on in the world around them-- both off camera as well as before and after; plus it defies the "defenseless, lone woman in distress" trope in Buffy The Vampire Slayer fashion.
So does this other film by HMC Indie Productions, also starring Jessica Brandt (who appears in several movies produced by Mikko Löppönen with HMC):
Towards the Exit

Both films also exemplify the possible effectiveness and grace of deliberately slow pacing-- a point often lost in this age obsessed with amped up action sequences and rushed plotting.

Lord of the Forests is another fine film from HMC, but this time without Brandt.

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