Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure: filmography of Wendy McColm & Steven A. Soria

Because of the collaborative overlap, I’m combining two fantastically talented artists in this post: the beautiful and plucky actress/director/writer Wendy McColm ... and the innovative and evocative director/ cinematographer/writer Steven A. Soria (of The Indie Work Force Production company).

Wendy has an extensive portfolio of dramatic and comedic shorts she has produced, and also often works with Steven. One such remarkable project is The Seasons Series (Wendy appears in the ‘A Summer Adventure’ short)

As well as the charmingly awkward short film entitled

I’m looking forward to their new film together, about a girl and her imaginary friends, appropriately called Frankie & Friends.
Visit the sites of Wendy McColm and Steven Soria for many more entertaining and well made videos.

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