Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quaerito: FREE chapbook sampler

The term "quaerito" (in Latin) means "to quest or seek earnestly/ persistently", and is the name of my new book.
Created exclusively for this twitter-based collection, the Quaerito chapbook has all new original content, splicing together subject matter from all my books into a representative microcosm of my lexicon: speculative fiction mini-stories, media commentary, and philosophy (plus a few poems).
FREE PDF download
Also in print (4.25" x 6.88"), for only the cost of printing/shipping. I am giving this booklet away as a free demonstration; making no $. Be assured, the content is not of diminished quality just because it is free.
I’m considering this to be in the Creative Commons, so please share freely.
If you like what I’ve done here, I hope you’ll be generous and appreciative enough to support my writing efforts.
None of this material has appeared in any of my other books, having been compiled merely to provide a sample of the kind of material you’ll find in those books (see side bar>).
Quaerito is pure, concentrated awesomeness,
distilled within 50 pages.

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