Monday, August 31, 2009

Bodies & Poetry In Motion

When we refer to art, we tend to think of objects or things... but the human body and its movements can also be glorious forms of art. Such as the incredible performances of The Trinity Irish Dancers:

And the stunning Golden Dragon Acrobats:

I’ve seen both groups live and on video. I’m not easily impressed, but it is very easy to be impressed by Trinity and Golden Dragon, who demonstrate the beautiful & astounding physical capacity of the human body: strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, dexterity, muscle control & grace.
Unfortunate that such artistry is so transient.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New short story anthology in progress

Coming in November: My new book!
Unlike my other anthology But The Owl Knows, all stories in this book are written by me.

*approximately 150 pages, collecting in paperback my twitter flash science fiction short story project

*an original music track specially designed by experimental musician Kate Godfrey.

*new original author commentary and brief guest articles

In the mean time, you can read any of my other books currently available, displayed along the right side of the main page on this blog.

Read Us A Story Mr. Wheaton: "The Happiest Days"

Probably the best part of a science fiction convention is hearing the quests—involved in making TV shows & movies you love-- tell stories of their experiences (on and off the set). I’ve been a long time fan of Wil Wheaton’s blog and twitter (AND acting; live action & voice), and very much enjoyed his book Just A Geek. More than being “just a geek”, or an actor, Wil Wheaton also an independent writer and self-publisher, whose anecdotes are generally articulate, amusing and insightful.
For another of his books— Happiest Days Of Our Lives — I chose to try the audio book instead of print copy— something I never do, because I love paper books. I was curious.
*image credit- Wil Wheaton/ Val Trullinger*

That proved to be a wise choice by me. Thoroughly enjoying his reminiscing, I laughed, I cried--- it became a part of me. Although I, alas, have never had the pleasure of seeing Wil at a convention, I was fortunate to hear him tell his stories vicariously through his writing.
When I listen to Wil Wheaton read from his book on the audio version of Happiest Days, I’m reminded of con appearances, and what makes them so cool: the people.
But— despite the fact that you don’t see & hear him in person, this audio book reading is somehow even better than audience reading book text.
Because Wil does not just read from his book, he infuses it with a sense of fantasy through his inflection and sentimentality-- augmented by brief "magical" musical intro/ outro bookend segments that set the mood. It also reminds me of an eccentric music band called 2NU, whose songs are typically short stories accompanied by music. Plus, as a bonus, he often engages in parenthetical side commentary with his producer, like foot notes or easter eggs.
Clearly, Wil Wheaton is an excellent writer, as well as bard. His writing style— which is already considerable, is further enhanced by his impassioned delivery style and love for the subject matter.
How does awesome get more awesome? What is beyond awesome?
As the Snapple commercial says, “the best stuff on Earth just got better”, so Wil’s writing is even more impressive when he reads—- no, performs-- his words aloud. Perhaps this is helped by his being an actor of perhaps under-rated talent. And it doesn’t hurt that, at the center and yet above the appeal of all the story telling acumen, Wil is simply a great, decent guy.
If you only ever buy one audio book in your life, I highly recommend The Happiest Days of Our Lives.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wire-Crossed Lovers

There is much to love about (and learn from) the charming low-budget sci-fi short film Suzannah , written & directed by Huw Bowen. Merging simplicity with complexity—in both narrative and production value, Suzannah commendably does a lot with relatively little, while also using a “less is more” approach.
One of the many noteworthy aspects of this film is its adept application of subtle detail to create a multi-layered reality and textured plotline.
For example, incorporating a distinctive clothing fashion and architectural aesthetic, as well as remarkable special FX to depict a “mundane” integration of high tech elements into the characters’ daily lives... the same way we now take the internet and cell phones for granted. Subtle nuance & seemingly insignificant atmospheric details are vital for imbuing authenticity in a reality. The special FX are surprisingly sophisticated for such a low budget rendering.
Not everything is exactly what it seems at first, as a lonely computer programmer discovers-- in an ironic twist of plot-- when he travels to a distant planet to meet the woman he loves.
*image credit- Huw Bowen*

Another Bowen film is the as yet unreleased, tentatively called Schrödinger's Girl, which looks potentially rather good and interesting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guilded Avatars

When the Do You Want To Date My Avatar? promo music video for season 3 of hugely popular The Guild web-series was released, I resisted watching it for nearly a week.
Because— although I think Felicia Day is a very gifted actress & singer... I don’t like The Guild. (shock and horror!!!) Felicia is a diverse array of awesome in Buffy and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, and even in The Guild. But The Guild does not impress me. Well, sure, creating & overseeing a so well produced independent web-series and achieiving such critical and popular acclaim is an impressive accomplishment... but I don’t care about the story.
Video games bore me (more shock and horror!), and I consider them to be mostly a time suck. And I’m generally not a fan of comedy; it tends to detract from and diminish authenticity of narrative with ridiculous/retarded scenarios & behaviors that prevent me from taking the material seriously, and therefore keeps me from believing it.
I can count the number of comedy TV series I like on one hand, and those all make integrity of the narrative more important than getting a laugh (How I Met Your Mother, Freddie, Titus, and occasionally Scrubs).
But I digress.
After seeing so much positive chatter on my geek channels about Do You Want To Date My Avatar?, my curiosity decided I should see if I was missing something. Indeed I was!

Glorious! I didn’t really know what I was missing. This is absolutely some of Felicia Day’s best performances—not just acting, but singing. And so much fun!
Dude, the lady can sing... with the voice of an angel.
I still don’t like The Guild, but I totally love this beautifully produced and choreographed video. Oh, and that voice!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Batman’s Promise

Pleasantly surprising, Reign Of Fate , a Batman fan film produced by Loose Noose, is much better than I expected at first glance.
Writer & Director Jonathan Chiovitti has composed not only a decent fan film, but also a really good Batman story that summarizes the essence of the Batman mythos while telling a new tale. Most of the acting and casting choices were solid, realistic and consistent with the comics characters involved.
The only significant complaint I have is how feeble & cheesy the bat suit often looked on screen-- would have been more effective narratively and visually to keep Bats more in the shadows & off camera.
*image credit- LooseNoose*

Chiovitti’s attempt was to create a life action version of the Batman animated series of the late ‘90s, and he succeeds—which is a compliment, because the cartoon was awesome.
A well known and lesser known villain from the comic book/cartoon are included-- Penguin and Lockup (with a reference to Bane), as well as a new original one.
Augmented with well chosen and fitting soundtrack music from other movies, skillfully integrated to reflect a Batman sensibility. Reign Of Fate manages to do quite a lot with the limited resources available. Low budget doesn't inherently mean low quality.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green Lantern's Light

This stunningly constructed fan trailer for an imagined Green Lantern movie pretty much speaks for itself. All I have to say, in giddy wide eyed wonder and glee, is Warner Brothers would be wise to follow this example in capturing the romantic epicness & grandeur necessary for a GL movie. Footage from various films are expertly edited together by youtuber ezy4ever with original CGI to craft a phenomenal trailer.

Of course, casting for such a role is vital to its credibility and legitimacy. We need someone who can not only make a convincing Hal Jordan in both physical appearance and thespian skill, but also someone who really would care about the character. Not a bean counter move of a big name actor like Ryan Reynolds-- as much as I love him, he's not right for GL. Someone like Nathan Fillion... or Brian Austin Green?
B.A. Green for Green Lantern!

Ranting Nonsequitur: between artist and audience

To assume that one TV show is just as good as any other, as if they are interchangeable, nothing more than something to pass the time or amuse & distract us, is an insult not only to intelligent programming, but also the audience. It is not good enough that we engage with our entertainment on an emotional level, if we don’t also account for intellectual interaction.
When I hear people comment or complain that a particular TV show won’t or didn’t get as many viewers as it potentially could have because it was “competing” with another show on at the same time— or because of alternative media like internet or video games, I know that’s egregious nonsense. Competition based on content in entertainment doesn’t exist anymore. Especially if so-called competing shows are of different target demographics, such as American Idol versus Sarah Connor Chronicles. The bulk of the audience interested in watching Supernatural will not be watching Football or So You Think You Can Dance, or at least they will not be conflicted in choosing. These two kinds of shows innately appeal to different audience types: ones whose primary concern is connecting with their show and ones using the show to disconnect from reality.
And even if someone did want to watch two drastically different styles of programming, that scenario is essentially a non-issue, considering we have VCRs, DVRs, hulu, DVD, and Netflix. We don’t have to pick and choose one show at the expense of another.
If a person genuinely cares about a TV series—if it sincerely matters to them, they will make the time and effort to watch it, to know when it is on.
And if they miss their show, they will seek it out.
Which brings to mind a disturbing trend in entertainment I find disgusting: the laziness & disrespect of audience members. Whether TV, books, music or internet video, the majority of audience is unwilling to work for their art or entertainment, expecting it to be handed to them, explained to them, and declining to explore & investigate on their own to find & understand new things. Even worse, there is a despicable sense of entitlement among internet culture, where they presume that everything should be given to them for free. But our society is not mature enough to respect or value free things.
And when the art is freely given, very few consumers have the decency to bother showing their appreciation for the art & artist with a voluntary financial contribution to simply say “thanks, I like what you made”.
Surely, that’s the least we can do as alleged fans; either by donation or buying their creations even though they give us a free copy.
The neurotically self-obsessed millennial generation typically feels obliged to impose themselves into their entertainment, with no respect or appreciation of the art or the artist. They are incapable and/or unwilling to engage the art as it is; thinking it is appropriate that they must insinuate themselves into the art as if it were theirs, wanting to interact with and become a part of their entertainment, control and dictate terms to it.
They expect everything has to involve them, to make everything be about them, about catering to and coddling them. Rather than supporting the artist, they prefer the artist support them.
The entertainment and its creators exist only to serve their whims. They want to “relate” to it as if it were their own, exerting an attitude of partial ownership, “relate” to the artist as if he or she were their friend.
Paraphrasing myself, the notion that “the customer is always right” represents the fundamental downfall of our society.
We’ve even gotten to a point where branded entertainment is the new advertising model /trend, in which the audience must be amused or vicariously immersed or associated to be made to care. Doctor Steel astutely noted that the only way we can really communicate and connect with the masses now is through entertainment. A friend of mine recently ask me what aspect of the Space initiative could make it an appealing concept for the public (and therefore government) to support, and I said whatever benefits the space industry presented would have to be entertainment related. I’m convinced this isn’t a good thing.
Furthermore, most of them seem to have gotten the clearly erroneous impression that unless something is “vouched for” in a mainstream or officially recognized capacity/venue, then it is no good. A general belief persists that a major film studio movie is intrinsically better than an indie production or fan film or play or web video. If they’ve never heard of a book or author referenced on official channels, they tend to dismiss it as irrelevant and “amateur”. Fundamentally, the majority of the audience lack patience and empathy.
How can art survive and thrive in such an inconsiderately hostile environment?
There are more great artists than those with an official seal of approval, found in unconventional places, but we have to be willing to search for and support these independent art projects.

Jokes On You

I’ve long believed that the comic book fan films of the prolific & ambitious Blinky Productions approached greatness, but have always fallen short of what they tried to achieve.
But their Batman fan film Call Me Mr. J is a wonderful exception. Although not without flaws, the writing, acting and directing make the story believable & authentic, and the best comic fan film work I’ve seen from Blinky.
Call Me Mr. J gives a different interpretation of the therapy session scenario depicted in another awesome Joker fan film from Bat In The Sun titled Patient J, while paying homage to Chris Nolan’s Batman films.
*image credit-Blinky Productions*

Producer Chris Notarile does an impressive Heath Ledger "inspired" performance as The Joker (which excuses any inadequacies in his “impersonation”).
After the events of The Dark Knight movie, Joker is in Arkham Asylum being counseled by criminal psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, excellently played by Johanna Telander. Brilliant and very satisfying enactment of the gradual progression of how Dr. Quinzel is slowly smitten with Joker in a kind of Stockholm syndrome, as Joker uses his charm to transform her into Harley Quinn.

Co-written & produced by Chris Notarile
Directed & co-written by Kim Santiago

Blinky also has a few great original stories:
Bitter Sweet

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vika Goes Wild: piano master

Although a talented, classically trained pianist, Vika Yermolyeva likes to score and play covers for heavy metal, rock and alternative music. Impressively, she composes all sheet music herself!
Yes, Vika does this for fun. Simply by listening to the song.
That’s how awesome she is.
Even more impressive, not only can she play the music, but plays uncannily well. Which is an understatement.
Her youtube channel is called vkgoeswild , and when you see her put fingers to keys, you can see why.
When she plays piano, her performance is of such passionate intensity, devotion and skill that it is as if she is giving a magnificent speech or a sermon.
Vika is like a musical linguist, she intuitively & intellectually understands the language, translating note code into beautiful, vigorous music.
For Vika, playing piano is a full body, full mind, full soul experience.
Definitely some of the best instrumental covers you’re ever likely to have the privilege of hearing.

Sheet music and free downloadable MP3s of many of her songs are available on her website--
This year, she released a digital CD for sale titled "Consolation", which contains 14 tracks of improvisations and classical pieces—also available through her site.

Consistent with her ability to become one with the music, Vika also enjoys dancing, and has a uniquely graceful and exotic rhythmic flow she demonstrates in a few videos.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just The Doctor

Going by the “stage name” of Kenneth Raymond Moore, Kenneth Dinkins is a talented & versatile filmmaker, as well as a really good actor and musician. Not only does he manage directing, music, and post production, visual FX elements, but also often appears in his films.
You can view samples of his film work on his Dark Glasses Productions youtube page, where he demonstrates a wide variety of non-trivial technical capabilities.
Kenneth is in the process of creating what looks to be an excellent fan made series with great potential called Doctor Who 2009, in which he stars as the title character. His performance and portrayal of The Doctor is amazing, and there's a sense of epicness to this project.
Originally intended to premier April of ’09, he is currently attempting to resolve unexpected technical difficulties, and will release as soon as possible. Being a fan of Doctor Who and great stories, I’m very excited about this ambitious & high quality project, and hope it becomes presentable one day soon.
Judging by the trailer for Fire and Ice, which is meant to be the first episode of 13, the series is gonna be fantastic.

See more clips from this brilliant and multi-talented artist on his myspace videos page.,

AND... Kenneth was in a cool band once called Bad Wolf , playing guitar and writing most of the songs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back To Frank Black (Revive Millennium campaign)

Since the Millennium TV series was pre-maturely canceled (by infamous FOXfail) in ’98, a great many devoted fans of the show have been hoping and asking for a return, in some form, regardless of medium. And that fanbase is global.
A collective of eager fans at fan site This Is Who We Are decided to establish the Back To Frank Black initiative: a campaign to revive the world of main character Frank Black became active in October 2008— 10 years after the show ended!
No, not ended--- was murdered; the story is far from resolved.
The virtual fourth season in 1999-- another fan project—is a remarkable continuation, but the Frank character and his reality are complex & dynamic enough that there are plenty of more stories to tell in that universe. A separate fan group constructed a fifth virtual season, and although it wasn’t nearly as well done, it reveals a continual passion for Millennium among the fan community.
Back to Frank Black isn’t a nostalgic endeavor seeking to go back to the series, so much as it is about bringing the world of that TV series forward to us in today’s reality. Frank Black and the world he lives in make an excellent platform or canvas on which to explore/express the human condition in the hopes and fears through what is still the millennial age in 2009.
This fan campaign has been acknowledged and supported by several of the people involved in creating the show, who also love Millennium and want to see it come back. In recent years, lead actor Lance Henriksen and writer/producer Frank Spotnitz have spoken of returning to the character. Both are vocal proponents for getting back to Frank Black, and fans often ask them about a return.
As Lance mentioned in an interview with Back To Frank Black, “If they don’t make this movie... something is really wrong in the universe.”
Damn Skippy!
Millennium is an innovative story telling concept and intelligent TV show-- by X-Files creator Chris Carter-- that premiered in 1996 and ran for three too short years. The show focused primarily on Frank Black, a criminal profiler working for a private consulting agency called the Millennium Group—which turned out to be a secret society involved in millennial events.
I and Back To Frank Black invite you to join the advocacy for returning to the Millennium story.
But more than just a campaign information hub, Back To Frank Black also provides interviews with Millennium related “celebrities”, blog updates, pod cast, merchandise, links, and fan connections.
Plus, they are on TWITTER at and
The time is still now, and this is who we are.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm also a photographer

Haaave you seen my photo art gallery?

And I'm especially proud of how this photo-manip art piece turned out: Cinematic Portrait of Rachael Leigh Cook
clickity here for full size


Get Happy- MORE to life than...

I would be egregiously remiss if I didn’t include Mark Osborne's phenomenal Academy-Award
nominated short film titled _MORE_ .
I was struck by immense awe when I first watched this claymation stop-motion film shown on the first episode of The Sci-Fi Channel Exposure series back in the '90s, and it is still stunningly impressive and relevant a decade later.
MORE definitely made a lasting impression on me.
A powerfully poignant & resonant allegorical sci-fi caveat about losing the spark of life and… well, I don’t want to give it away.
It’s much better if you just watch and let it speak for itself. If you are not emotionally agitated by this film's message, then you are already dead inside and it's too late for you.
*image credit- Mark Osborne*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tale told in blood

One of my favorite stories is Masque of the Red Death, by Edgar Alan Poe.
Director Mat Van Rhoon and writer Danielle Tinker of Provision Media have manifested an excellent short film adaptation of this gothic-Victorian horror tale. I’ve always interpreted the Red Death to be a metaphor about Vampires, but this film goes in a different— and just as interesting— supernatural direction.

*image credit- Provision Media*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More than meets the eye

In the short film DRIFT, Nicky Wright & Matthew Chuang have crafted a thoughtful, multi-layered story of great eloquence and perspicacity. As a man contemplates the life of a homeless man he watches through a restaurant window, we consider free choice versus accidents to determine our life’s path.
Along the way, we examine the empathy we have or lack for our fellow man and twists of fate, while illustrating that no one is exactly who they seem to be, and there is more to people than our assumptions about them.
We shun the homeless man who is a nice guy, but accept the well dressed man who is an ass.
*image credit- Nicky Wright/ Matthew Chuang*

Pumpkin carving artistry

While exploring the dealer’s room at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of discovering the unusual and exquisite art of Alex Wer, aka- The Pumpkin Geek. So named because he is a geek who has made pumpkin carving into an art form-- often choosing sci-fi/ fantasy images.
*image credit- Alex Wer*

With great surgical skill, Alex does custom carvings of character portraits on Everlasting Pumpkins (which are hollow orange foam rubber material in the shape of pumpkins turned faux jack’o’lanterns).
Having seen them up close, the resemblance to actual persons living, dead or fictional is damn near perfect. He also carves business logos & symbols.
Even without illumination, these Everlasting Pumkins will amaze & impress beyond just Halloween time. Lit from inside, these creations become astounding displays and decor.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mr Lowry is not evil, he's just drawn that way

From the creator of Last Son of Celeste comes an intriguing experimental short film called The Crimes of Mister Lowry.
While the former story is a bright and shiny sci-fi epic, the latter occurs in a dark and grim film-noir (in black & white, even), combined with a graphic novel sensibility. Literally presented as a live action motion-comic book, Marlon Torres has the sets and actors incredibly rendered in comic-book-like illustrations!
Everything actually looks like animation superimposed over the shots--- prestige format graphic novel images come to life.
The story itself is well written and plenty compelling on its own, but the most fascinating aspect of this movie is its eccentric visual style.
*image credit- Marlon Torres*

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC

Among the few really impressive internet shows to come out of Youtube is called “I’m A Marvel/DC”, on the ItsJustSomeRandomGuy channel —which parodies Macintosh "Hi, I'm a Mac...and I'm a PC" TV commercials... using Marvel and DC Comics superhero action figures.
The man and woman behind the curtain of this innovative and well produced low budget web series are Michael Agrusso and Brinna Li.
With dreams of working in the comic book industry as writer and illustrator, respectively, these two artists devised a new comic storytelling format in March 2007.
Like Toyfair magazine’s Twisted Mego Theater, but on video, action figures become characters in a bizarre and highly amusing play.
Michael and Brinna not only stage & edit all the action, design sets and clothing and props, music and sound effects… but they also provide all character voices!
The series alternates between scenes mimicking the Mac commercials-- where the characters comment on each other’s movies, and original narratives mixing drama, comedy and adventure.
*image credit- ItsJustSomeRandomGuy*

For more info, check out their wiki:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fashionably Steampunk

KATO. Steampunk fashion designer, seamstress, model and illustrator… most notable for epically and stylishly striking a pose in Steampunk Couture . And which is also, appropriately, the name of her equally aesthetic site. Kato’s vividly imaginative style and character project an aura of wondrous fantasy and high adventure.
The clothing itself is gorgeous on its own, but worn by a woman of such beauty & grace as Kato, the fashion achieves an augmented dimension of elegance.

She also has a lavish modeling portfolio, with prints available, at This is Kato
Available for fashion, art and non-nude photography.
*image credit to Kato/ Steampunk Couture*

Getcher steampunk talismans!

I don’t care for most of the items in the Trash And Trinkets etsy store, but there are a few enchanting pieces of such elegant charm and beauty, that make her selection worth browsing through.
Particular art pieces transcend trash and trinket into the realm of magical treasures.
For example:

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is who we are: Millennium virtual season 4

Millennium is my favorite TV show of all time, after Star Trek: TNG. Tragically under-rated, but of exceptional caliber in every aspect of production… innovative and ahead of its time, thus receiving much less appreciation than it deserves.
Millennium aired on the FOX Network in the United States from the fall of 1996 to the spring of 1999.
*image credit-FOX*
In typical FOX-fail, the series was canceled prematurely… just months away from the actual millennium in 2000. Two fans of the show, Matt Asendorf and Dan Owen, took the initiative to become Executive Producers for an unofficial Virtual Season Four of 22 episodes; collaborating with several volunteer writers. Composed and consisting of only scripts, written in a professional level quality on par and consistent with the actual TV series, The Millennium Virtual Season 4 was (and is) a phenomenal achievement. Extending the series towards year 2000, virtual season 4 is a natural and logical continuation of the series, and just about everything I’d want from the show if it had not been so disrespectfully canceled by FOX. And like each of the actual seasons that were filmed, the virtual one established a new tone, creating a distinct identity, re-inventing itself while still being true to the show’s premise & continuity.
I wish they had made a season 5. And I wish FOX would make a movie— hiring the writers like those involved in this project.
Story telling in The Millennium virtual season 4 is just as compelling and thoughtful as the FOX series, and sets an example of excellence that all fan fiction should aspire to.
Joss Whedon is doing something similar with comic books as the medium for Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 8.

Episodes also available HERE

Chonastock: Imagine, if you will

Charis Sutton and Ona Victoria Okon elevate the craft of cos-play above merely dressing up at Cons into a photo-narrative art form.
Collaborating their skills as costume designers, models & photographers, these two geek-girls got the bright idea to create Chonastock. Together, they imagine and stage fantastic snapshots of sci-fi/ fantasy scenes, with themselves as featured characters. Individually and collectively, these dramatically subtle and aesthetically pleasing images enable us to infer a story within each particular photo set. And like all true artisans, it is done just for fun, for the sake of art.
Although they may not do this professionally, there is nothing technically amateur about them, either in quality or imagination.
Some of their most well-known & popular work in the geek community are their Star Trek series photo sets.
*image credit- Chonastock*

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple in its complexity

Told with voice over narration through pristine cinemagraphy, Similo is an ambitious concept: science fiction short film-functioning-as-trailer, surprising in both scope and plot twist at the end. I don’t appreciate spoilers, so I won’t reveal what happens and ruin the surprise for you. But I will say this much: This film/teaser is an interesting fully contained stand-alone piece, that also fits into a more extensive project… a world building glimpse representing and implying a larger world stage to be called SIMILO 2008. In the same way that The Matrix is merely an indication or precursor of what surrounds it.
As all proper sci-fi does, the story engages an illustration and exploration of questions on the human condition.
Artfully directed by Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor (aka-Miguel de Olaso), and written by Zacharias— this wonderful, contemplative narrative is expressed with a suggestive and sublimely minimalist approach… doing more with less.
Photobucket *image credit- MacGregor*
See also:
NEW SIMILO … a similarly separate but connected quasi-short film.
Plus this untitled snippet occurring in, and elaborating on, that same reality.
I’m eager to see more of this world.

Pilgrimage of the soul?

CUT | PASTE is an elegantly ponderous and pondering science fiction short film produced by Thomas Fosseli- a graphic/ multimedia designer, while a production design student at The National Norwegian Film school. Boldly allegorical and interpretive, the story portrays an abstract contemplation on the metaphysics of the soul, and the mind/body dichotomy… as a dead boy’s consciousness is transferred into a new body through medical science. Voluptuously composed with crisp, beautiful cinematic imagery-- visually, conceptually, metaphorically.
Photobucket *image credit- Thomas Fosseli/ National Norwegian Film