Saturday, December 28, 2013

Off The Page: poetry reading video series

Fantastic poet Amanda Kimmerly reads my poems in my new video poetry series:

I'm hoping to make this an ongoing video series, with guest readers for my poems. Volunteers invited.
If so inclined, you can help me get more such videos made by donating money:

Visit Amanda’s websites here:

Aspergers/ autism advocate Willow Hope has one of my poems on her site:

Robert Stikmanz sings one of Amanda’s poems in their invented language of Dvarsh, from the wonderful Hidden Lands Of Nod book series.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Silence Serenade

Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Does That Even Mean?

dirt drawn pictures made by Sarah Rosado:
 photo SarahRosado_zps777128a8.png

Star Trek: Renegades Official Teaser Trailer from Star Trek Renegades on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Carved Out By Art

Fantastic splatter art from Melissa Smith
 photo melissasmith_zpsbdc13168.jpg
 photo Guy-OlivierDeveau_zpsfca40dd1.png
Guy-Olivier Deveau sand art:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dizzy Enough To See Clearly

Danse Macabre from PHI Centre on Vimeo.

Pale Blue Dot - Trailer from Projector Films on Vimeo.

Onirica from francesco siro brigiano on Vimeo.

 photo lorenzo_zps1e16d09e.jpg
I don’t know whom to give credit for this, but it never stops amusing me:  photo tumblr_m7dvu0CBc71rao9e3o1_500_zps442b77b6.gif

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

customary destruction of poets

 photo CDOPcover_zps185f1234.png Release of my new book of speculative fiction poetry ; playing with poetic forms in different ways than I did in my previous poetry book (Days Remaining).
$12/ 200 pages/ 8.5x11
Free sample haiku NOT included:
Journey Man, Lazarus Man.
Haunted, Miracles.

If you don’t like that-- good news! The stuff within these pages is much better.
And if you DO like that—good news! The stuff within these pages is much better.
What the book makes up for in content, it lacks in cover spectacle.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Okay, Her Prevarication is Transparent

From the future with love from Precinct 114 on Vimeo.

William Shakespeare Presents: Terminator the Second - Official Trailer from Husky Jackal on Vimeo.

>the world needs more of this kind of thing:  photo dry-stone-tree_zps89b90309.jpg *Photo of Kerry Landman Memorial courtesy of Eric Landman*

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What If I Told You...

One of my poems got published at Strong Verse (Orson Scott Card’s poetry site)! Triumvirate
This will also be included in my forthcoming book of sci-fi poetry— Customary Destruction of Poets. Song From My Heart; music by Kate Godfrey:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Through Windows: looking, going

 photo Impossible_zps1aa480f8.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bat Menagerie

 photo Whaleshooter_zpsa9ec4799.jpg
 photo geektyrant-FXLabs_zps67e1f473.jpg
 photo andrewmichaelphillips_zps88d2b71a.jpg
 photo TimDrakeRobin_zps13d20b61.jpg
 photo kyurou-d62yphn_zps694378c2.jpg
 photo gothpub_zps296a53fa.jpg
 photo screencrush_zps1d35f2ec.jpg
 photo minatosahashi05-d5ihiqx_zpsa8b55324.jpg
 photo remydarling-d6hbjvp_zps9296fc74.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013

With The Clouds In My Head

 photo clefchan_zps983a9845.jpg
 photo camilliette_zps929e7d0d.jpg
 photo akusesu_zpsf30e0af4.jpg
 photo CamilleAdrienne_zps742ba83f.jpg
 photo aigue_marine_zps941120ef.jpg
< photo jenovarikku_zps3192cfe5.jpg

EXPLOSIONS from Christopher Frey on Vimeo.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Supreme Superhero Cosplay: women

 photo riddleHuntress_zpsfe17d336.jpg
 photo enjinight_zps003f42da.jpg
 photo destinynickelson_zps14372748.jpg
 photo akusesu_zps60d6f35a.jpg
 photo VAMPY-BIT-ME_zpsa9be8d8c.jpg
 photo windofthestars_zpsa3538734.jpg
 photo cosplayerotica_zps8d36e283.jpg
 photo ryoko_demon_zps04f9b843.jpg
 photo vandrob_zps28f35d02.jpg
 photo liz-katz_zps86712381.jpg
 photo ellecosplay_zps0e78d9f2.jpg
 photo crystalgraziano_zps705fd425.jpg
 photo EveBeauregard_zpse1203db3.jpg
 photo JessicaNigri_zps7dfbe939.jpg
 photo scruffrebelvicschmidt_zps34eae8f4.jpg
 photo stylechameleon_zps1c175275.jpg
 photo nightess_rouge_zps310b3e27.jpg
 photo ardella_zpsa25abc16.jpg
 photo gothpubworks_zps45c83dba.jpg
 photo wwsuperherophotog_zpsdfc21005.jpg
 photo candustark_zps154893ff.jpg

Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Kind Of Wonderful

 photo harley_zpsd2fabe2b.png Amazing cosplay from Nadya Anton; a.k.a. NADYASONIKA  photo plus_zpsd1d99c57.png
NEW ORIGINAL COMICS from new original indie company OVERGROUND COMICS,
featuring such titles as: Plus Ultra, Absent Captain,
and The Graduate
mariaramos_zpscc588df2.jpg (photo by

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Value and Virtue of the First Wonder Woman Movie

 photo wwx_zps5587b6e9.jpg
*image credit= Margie Cox (cosplay)*

In case anyone in a position to influence the making of a Wonder Woman movie (or TV series) reads this: If you do not engage the introduction of Wonder Woman in a major motion picture as political and philosophical commentary, then you are doing it wrong.
You would be squandering a significant opportunity for contemporary relevance and profundity innate in this character. Using the “Stranger in a strange land” approach, she provides a perspective of The Other; the outsider looking in, observing various cultures and social mores. WW is an ideal avatar for promoting & exploring women’s issues and civil rights matters. Everything in our world would necessarily be new to her, seen with an almost childlike innocence and detachment.
WW enables us to conduct interesting and insightful self-examination, through commentary on things we take for granted (like how stupid neck ties are, why women have to wear bras and make up), examining common assumptions and habits. Through her eyes, we have a prime mechanism for critiquing Patriarchy, misogyny and white male privilege. Expose hypocrisy, double standards and gender bias. How women get in their own way and empower their own subjugation by knowingly and unconsciously conforming to Patriarch supremacy. With her, we could psychoanalyze mankind and consider the ramification of nature vs nurture. We could challenge preconceptions about history and the monomyth of monoculture. We could inspect News and entertainment media, as well as question the thoughtless proliferation of digital technology. Deconstruct our concepts of civilization and progress. This is her greatest power and strength as a character.

DC president Diane Nelson stated to The Hollywood Reporter that Wonder Woman is "tricky" and "iconic".
Wonder Woman IS a tricky and iconic character to write well, yes. However, she is only tricky because we treat her as such. Not because she is a Woman. But because women characters are so negatively stigmatized. Wonder Woman is only tricky because she IS so iconic. Not just as a superhero, but as a feminist symbol. Most especially as feminist symbol. There is a great deal invested in her, and what she represents… both as a character and as a statement on the viability of Women As Hero. Although I think the issue is being made more complicated that it really is, or needs to be.
As Nelson correctly observed, we DO have to get her right. We must do her right or not at all. Because the success of her movie opens the door to other movies with women heroes or leads. But the failure of her movie shuts that door, interpreted as misguided “proof” that women can’t carry a movie. A proper WW film would dispell that erroneous and malicious myth.
But to interpret this trickiness as WW being too problematic or too risky—as an excuse to NOT produce a Wonder Woman film-- is the fool’s and coward’s choice. That would be our loss, and we lesser for it. Not making this mistake is important for a WW film to get made. A lot of things need to be taken into account creatively. Nelson also rightly noted that there are lots of facets to Wonder Woman, and [I think] the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium?
If you think it cannot be done, then you just are not trying--- suffering an epic fail of imagination.

Friday, July 26, 2013

She Says, Be Here Now

One of several excellent poems written by Amanda Kimmerly: Blame it on Bad Weather
The sky is falling and I must have swallowed it
while walking to the office. Fog has seeped
so far down my sinuses, it's draining out
my eye cavity--
all I see is gray:
gray walls, gray carpet, gray countertops
even the blinks in between are a shade
of pencil lead
but like a good copy-editor, I
cross out, carrot top, insert letter here,
an i in the typo "Lve"
or is it o,
I don't know, so I write ea
wipe the crust from my eyes,
and go.

Want more? Get more...

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Could I Be Dreaming This?

(ALSO: If you'll direct your attention to the right side, there are several magnificent speculative fiction books to consider. And appreciative donations  [from you, to me] would not go amiss. Because it is very nice to be paid for your work.)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What About Infinity TIMES Infinity?

Impressive super hero photo manipulations:
 photo wonder_woman_film2_zpsf56979a1.jpg

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Saturday, June 1, 2013