Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Worlds Collide: sifting realities

Sifting Realities is a remarkable semi-dark & semi-comedic sci-fi webseries, produced by Old Man in the CrossWalk Productions, in which the main character— Belinda-- suffers from intermittently and spontaneously shifting between simultaneous alternate realities.

At any given moment, she experiences multiple realties at the same time, as parallel realities cross and blend into each other around her. Sometimes she accepts and integrates herself into a reality divergence, sometimes she resists and flees.
The series does a very credible-- and incredible-- job of realistically depicting its innovative concept— due, in no small part, to the wonderfully authentic portrayal of Belinda, and the inevitable sense of schizophrenia from the schism created by overlapping realities.
Particularly endearing is the inclusion of a sympathetic and accommodating best friend, who graciously & gracefully accepts her friend’s bizarre predicament as a matter of course, much better than Belinda. As if Belinda’s condition was no more out of the ordinary than a handicap, cancer or amnesia.
Sifting Realities also makes excellent use of indigenous character traits & tropes… like Belinda being fond of baking cookies and eating a recently made cookie to comfort her after a sifting reality incident, as well as introducing each episode with a flash forward scene from later in that episode.

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  1. Hi Sean! Thanks so much for the write-up! It is totally fun to see that you have SiftingRealities ALMOST figured out... but we've still got some twists in store for you!! I am going to share your article on our Facebook & Twitter.

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