Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Premiere of La Premiere

La Premiere , a phenomenal film directed by Michael & and co-produced with Nick Regalbuto, serves well as a glorious tribute to cinema and the filmmaking craft.
This story focuses on the Lumiere Brothers, Auguste and Louis, a pair of young inventors who dream of making images big enough for the whole world to see. Based on a true story, La Premiere tells the exciting tale of the invention of cinema as we know it. It’s a story about possibility and believing that with hard work and vision, you can make the impossible possible.
Much like the equally impressive full length indie film Shadow Magic, La Premiere marvelously depicts the early days of motion picture in its inception & introduction to the public.
Also in common, is the sense of awe & wonder evoked in the audience at the essential impression of magic in the medium—both technologically and as a means of storytelling.
Given the continual advances in movie making technology that our society is perhaps too familiar with, we regrettably tend to take much for granted, too easily becoming jaded & forgetting how amazing the creation of motion pictures really is (or can be)… tragically becoming even incapable of being amazed by the simple complexity involved in such a thing.
Fortunately, the delightful La Premiere (like Shadow Magic) vividly reminds us of the power & joy that film and the movie-going experience has… inviting us again to marvel with innocent eyes.

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