Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Frank Black promo vids

The Back To Frank Black Campaign organized a contest to design movie posters for a potential Millennium movie. Helping to promote the poster project, campaign supporter Joselyn Rojas proves herself a skillful video composer by crafting three marvelous promo videos. Which you can see on the BTFB main website and their youtube site .
In each vid, she brilliantly synchronizes pacing, scene selection and the Inception movie trailer music I love so much, to make a soul stirring and interest inciting sequence.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

To The Beat Of A Different Drummer: Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko

To my great satisfaction, I was fortunate to witness Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko --Texas Branch provide the fantastic opening performance for Kaminari Taiko (at Miller Outdoor Theater).
I'm keen for Taiko... I've even written a story imagining my Arcanum character Cassie and her two best friends forming an all percussion band.
I am also mightily enamored by martial arts being mixed with, or performed as, dance... which is one of the reasons I loved M. Night’s The Last Airbender movie.
And RMD Texas does a splendid example of this.
To be fair, the Kaminari Taiko group presented an excellent concert, rife with intense, passionate energy and vibrant, well crafted choreography and musical skill. Plus, they featured the biggest drum in America.
But RMD really made an impression on me, because they incorporate more martial arts elements.
As well as included a certain stunning female performer whose beauty and grace—in both manner and appearance-- captivated me, and whose adeptness embodies the art at its pinacle (her name is Megan Clark; she can be seen at the far left of the following video sample).

More videos for “Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Texas” and “kuminari taiko” are available by searching Youtube

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SAVE THE FUTURE novelette, by Sean Stubblefield

“Save the future by saving the past?” I ask you, thinking out loud. “What does that mean?”

Integrating symbolic poetry with prose, SAVE THE FUTURE narratively critiques and challenges the “corporatization” of media and Hollywood mentality. This unique 85 page novelette is a Cassie O’Brien adventure, as tribute to Artemis Eternal Wingmen.
SYNOPSIS: Media has become extensively and intricately insinuated into our common, everyday existence.
Demanding a steady supply of diverse entertainment and information, The Audience voraciously and habitually consumes multitudes of various media.
But unfortunately, most of The Audience is made unaware or indifferent that mainstream media resources they normally take for granted are actually being capitalized & commercialized to create a prison for the mind.
Subverting The Audience through unscrupulous consolidation and manipulation of media, The Conglomerate -- an insidious clandestine and power hungry organization—seeks global domination.
Dazzled by diversion and deception, and overwhelmingly increasing magnitude of media options, The Audience is distracted and gradually dumbed-down with mindless entertainment & tabloid journalism.
Disgusted by this media corruption, a visionary named Jessica Mae Stover stepped forth to oppose them, initiating the Artemis Eternal movement to rally likeminded individuals dubbed Wingmen behind a banner of media literacy and liberty.
One of these courageous Wingmen is you.
With a precocious youth and a sage elder as your traveling companions, you will embark on a daring stream of consciousness adventure in the avatar of an Artemis Eternal Wingman to confront The Conglomerate tyranny. Along the way, a mysterious ally joins your quest, and helps you liberate The Audience from the pervasive & corruptive influence of The Conglomerate and… SAVE THE FUTURE