Sunday, August 22, 2010

Firefly fan film “The Game” is shiny

The folks responsible for making a minimalist Firefly fan film entitled The Game deserve to be commended for their unlikely achievement.
Not the making of a fan film, but a fan film all the more impressive despite & because of its low budget limitations.
Although the acting is atrocious, the essence of each character still shines through as recognizable, with a cast that delivers consistency in dialogue, behavior and appearance. Which is a significant accomplishment on its own.
Particularly remarkable, is that the story reads and plays out exactly as an actual Firefly episode would, and could easily have been part of the series.
Writer Connor Wilson and Director Ryan Geffert impressively manage to authentically depict the characterization of the Serenity crew, as well as the intrinsic spirit, thematic tone and visual style of the Firefly ‘verse as presented by Joss Whedon. Even down to faithfully and well duplicating the split-screen intro sequence with new casting.
But none of that would matter-- would even have been possible-- if The Game didn’t proceed from a good story and solid script.

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