Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chris Foreman & Jon Hughes: a dynamic duo of comicbook illustration

While I was at ApolloCon science fiction convention, I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful artists (and, as far as I could tell, wonderful people) Chris Foreman and Jon Hughes .
Chris and Jon are highly skilled independent illustrators & colorists who specialize in duplicating comic book characters in their own particular drawing styles, but also do original character sketches.
I watched in awe as Chris created this fantastic sketch card scene in an hour:
Think about it: this magnificent piece of art would not exist if I hadn’t commissioned it!
Let that be a lesson to you: support worthy artists with your commission requests when possible, whatever the medium. Such collaboration creates unique art pieces that would not exist otherwise.
Also, I am the only person--- in all the world-- who has this.

During the time Chris was making his magic, I got the added bonus of conversing with Jon about his equally impressive art.
It would be in your best interest if you visit their deviant art pages, linked above.
Both of them are partners in art, and share an ebay store where you can buy some of their incredible images.

I’m planning/hoping to commission both of them for images of my Arcanum character: Cassie O’Brien—who often appears in my fiction books.
Both accept such unsolicited commission requests.

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  1. I've known Chris Foreman since he was 3, while he is talented he still picks his nose and his feet stink!