Monday, November 22, 2010

Space: 2099- Future Past Enhanced

Innovatively modifying a 1970s science fiction show called Space: 1999, the Space: 2099 project seeks to enhance the series, making it look more compatible with current technology— both in front of the camera and behind. And yet, design and TV production aesthetics unique to sci-fi of the 1970s are still terrifically apparent in the series.
The website features compressions of each episode into an extended-brief video montage summary , similar to a “last time on (insert title of previous episode here)” segment.
{edit: unfortunately, the episodes have been indefinitely removed; link inactive}
This aspect and ability of condensing a whole episode into a shortened clip that succinctly and coherently summarizes the story is what most impresses me as a manner of storytelling.
By editing and re-arranging footage to adjust pacing, plotting, special FX and correct inconsistency, the series as a whole undergoes a restructuring of chronology to create a new, more streamlined continuity intended to improve its narrative flow.
Organizer Eric Bernard describes this effort as the equivalent of reprinting a book, giving it a new cover and correcting typos and grammatical errors, but leaving the original content and spirit essentially unchanged.
An astonishing amount of time, dedication & devotion are involved a project of this kind, and the end results are-- at least for the viewer, and almost certainly the editor-- worth the effort. This remarkable SPACE: 2099 project is a work in progress, that deserves (and I very much hope recieves) completion and audience.

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