Monday, February 15, 2010

Uncle Jack’s Misadventure: Sooo... THAT happened

Art imitates life in Uncle Jack -- a charmingly whimsical fairy tale of a short film, by Jamin Winans of DoubleEdgeFilms (the makers of the cinematically enigmatic film INK).
In a Whedonesque casting move, Winans recruits a few actors from INK (Quinn Hunchar, Chris Kelly, Jeremy Make), bringing together a talented crew to present a wonderful & wondrous adventure. This is a terrific filmmaker to keep your eye on.
I can't summarize anyting about Uncle Jack without giving too much away, so I highly recommend you watch & see for yourself.

The fantastical sci-fi twistiness to the way the character Jack’s niece finishes his bizarre story introduces another intriguing story to be told about her.

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