Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinematic Chutzpah: RedLetterMedia movie reviews

As an example of proper critical film criticism, movie reviews produced by Red Letter Media should be required viewing for all college level media studies classes, as well as Artemis Eternal Wingmen. Adopting the deceptively “white trash” persona of Mr. Harry S. Plinkett, independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa intricately critiques the Star Wars Prequels and Star Trek: The Next Generation films (including the new Abrams Trek).
With fanboy passion, subversive humor and acerbic insight, the misogynistic Plinkett brings critical analysis to technical, logical and narrative mistakes in the making of these movies. His intelligent observations belie the mumbling, moronic, “dumb-ass” drawl of his voice, enabling him to present video essays of academic caliber without them sounding like it— intended so that the audience would be less intimidated or irked by his lecturing, “know it all” approach.
The content of his words reveals that this character is clearly smarter than implied by the way he speaks those words.
Rather than merely composing an itemized list of what went wrong, RedLetterMedia helpfully explains what should have been done instead.
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