Saturday, June 5, 2010

Center of Mass: Fragments

For some reason, the mechanism of re-using the same principal actors who complement each other so well in a series of unrelated films appeals to me. In forming Center Mass Studios, talented director Matthew A. Collins and co-producer Ryan Daly joins with talented actors Delfine Paolini and A.E Santaniello-- and does this quite brilliantly, in the short film Fragments . (also, The Crossing, A Parliament of Rooks, and All That Glitters.)
In Fragments, an eager young student becomes an apprentice to her elder mentor in a deliciously & marvelously surprising twist of fate.
Image credit: Center Mass

Applying the Artemis Eternal ethos of filmmaking, this crew believes that “without a good story, a film can never achieve greatness.”
Center Mass has proven themselves adept storytellers in the arena of cinema, well capable of creating interesting, independently‐produced high quality shorts.

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