Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Officially Flavored: Charles Holbert

Apparently, there are many exceptionally talented illustrators who are not working “professionally”... by which I mean they are not getting steady or even intermittent work in the comics industry proper. (It’s a very crowded/limited market.)
Independent illustrator Charles Holbert, aka KidNotorious on Deviant Art, and creator of the Hawt Girl mascot at Comic Oasis in Vegas, is clearly not unskilled in the drawing arts. Marvel at the unique and uncanny stylings in the vast & impressive portfolio of magnificent sketches Charles has accumulated, featuring a multitude of comic book characters.
This may be a case where words just get in the way, and aren’t really needed, so I’ll just say go look in awe and wonder at the splendiferous... uh, yeah, shutting up now...


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