Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wayne: man dresses up like a bat?

I love the style and intriguing conceptualization Andy Schlachtenhaufen has done in this Batman inspired short film entitled “Wayne" . And I really wish more fan film makers would be as creative with re-interpretations as Wayne is, with an alternate reality origin story for Batman.

Shadowed by a lifetime of brutal mistreatment, Wayne has a tendency to violently lash out when provoked. Recently released from prison, he has taken up residence in the bowels of a dilapidated theatre where he works the night shift as a janitor. With the help of his do-gooder social worker, Wayne is committed to controlling his temper, but when a gang of criminals push him too far, he chooses instead to utilize it.
This riveting film could easily be the “teaser” and foundation for a longer film, or even a series I would wanna see.
David Schlachtenhaufen gives a remarkable performance as the fascinating central character, in a wonderful premise of a masked vigilante.

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