Sunday, January 31, 2010

Postcards From The Future

Postcards From The Future , a glorious film produced by Alan Chan & Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe (of Mahalo Bay Films), should be mandatory in every high school science class around the world.
And shown to every congressman & voter skeptical or hesitant about the value of supporting space exploration.
Seen through the eyes of an engineer working to build a base on the moon, and who occasionally sends video postcards back to his wife on Earth, Postcards From The Future is a powerfully inspirational & moving pseudo-documentary that explores –and endorses—a viable future in space for humanity.
I am not ashamed to admit… I got a little something in both eyes.
A compelling human adventure, full of encouraging --& courageous-- optimism, hope and joy, PFTF is one of the best propaganda/recruitment videos NASA (or any such agency) could hope for.
I highly recommend you watch this remarkable motion picture, illustrating the potential of our tentative first steps in building a bridge to the future.

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