Friday, February 19, 2010

Through The Rift Darkly

Well done, Brent McCorkle!!!
You've written & directed a great movie.
In the dark horse of a short film entitled “The Rift" , Jude wakes up in a strange and horrible place where the sun never shines. Darkness, painful memories, and despair prevail. He fears that he has gone to Hell, and that he will be forever separated from his beloved wife, Maggie. Things begin to change for the better when he stumbles upon an eight-year-old girl in trouble named Nadia. But is there a way out of this place apparently devoid of hope?

The greatness of The Rift gradually and vibrantly sneaks up on you, tying strings around your heart- like the emotional connection building between Jude & Nadia-- until you suddenly realize its pulling those strings as if your heart is a marionette… dancing for joy.
These two endearing characters beautifully illustrate the power of genuine affection to strengthen a relationship & empower individuals, as well as how bonds may be forged between sympathetic strangers in a shared experience.

I don't know who you are
But you seem very nice
So will you talk to me
Shall I tell you a story
Shall I tell you a dream

-- K'S CHOICE; Everything For Free

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