Saturday, July 18, 2009

we are the music makers...

I enjoy seeking/discovering new great music & indie musical talent. I'm always excited to find individuals with a unique sound/style, who do not remind me of (or sound like) someone else. It isn't enough to sing or play instruments well... it matters more that you do it uncommonly.
Here are a few exemplars of the craft:
kate godfrey: experimental/ folk/ rock/ accoustic (album available)
haley dreis: folk/ rock/ pop/ accoustic (album available)
kris shred: rock/ folk/ pop/ accoustic
heather hunter: folk/ rock/ pop/ accoustic (album available)
vika: instrumental/ classical/ rock (album available)
reo rae: accoustic, pop/ folk/ rock (album available)
kaila handler: accoustic/ folk/ rock/ pop

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