Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mantel of the Bat

*image credit- BITS*

Bat In The Sun Productions is an independent self-contained film and music production company… founded by Aaron and Sean Schoenke. Creators of some of the finest, most impressive Batman short films ever made. EH-VAR!
I’m a huge Batman fan, and I demand authenticity and believability in my stories.
These Batman fan films have it aplenty-- masterfully produced, captivating stories featuring character depictions and visual & narrative tone gratifyingly true to their comic book source material. Much more so than Batman Begins and Dark Knight— both of which are excellent Bat films I love.
The Bat In The Sun guys demonstrate that amateur or indie doesn’t automatically equate to poor production values. And that "comic book" is not synonymous with "cheesy" or "for kids".

If you like your Batman as I do, you’ll definitely wanna see this.
Watch Batman Legends and Patient J online at www.batinthesun.com

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