Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tales left untold

Jeffery Harrell is a gifted story teller, even if he is often unsure of this point. Jeffery used to have a blog-- called The Shape Of Days-- where he would tell amusing & informative stories based on personal experiences. One of the highlights of his blog was a narrative series titled Train Blogging, which consisted of mis-adventures on a subway train, where he regularly fell in love with beautiful women as he people-watched. It is a shame and a tragedy that artists of his caliber must experience the indignity of going unnoticed & unappreciated. I’m glad I saved a copy those wonderful stories.
Like way too many talented artists (such as myself*ahem*), he suffers from lack of the recognition he deserved. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funding & miscellaneous interfering life-crap, he had to close his blog. But Jeffery also published a collection of short stories (sci-fi/ drama/ romance) that were posted on his blog and, lucky for us, is apparently still available as a book: The Glacier With Her Name Carved In It (and other stories)
You will be doing yourself— and Jeffery— a massive disservice if you do not read these 276 pages of awesome. Worth more than you’ll pay for it, I’m very pleased to include his book in my library. If you have any doubts, just consider the other artists I blog here, & you'll see I have superb taste in story telling. ;-)

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