Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have the Power to be me

The I Power crew masterfully demonstrates that you don’t need a big budget and extravagant special effects to craft a story into a compelling short film.
I Power is both a philosophy and a movement promoting Self-Development Activism, which is about encouraging people to make the world a better place by making yourself a better person… taking responsibility & action for becoming who you want to be. Furthermore, they are active & informed advocates for protecting net neutrality & freedom of expression.
*image credit- IPower*

The inspired & inspiring internet activism of this team of 5 friends is a real life true story of epic proportions, as they adeptly summarize in this promotional video for their IPower Project on their Youtube channel: I Power & SDA

But they have also created some fascinating, respectable & simply produced sci-fi short films: I P
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

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