Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Batman!

Fortunately, Bat In The Sun is not the only crew capable of producing awesome Batman fan films. Sandy Collora and his self-named studio have managed an amazingly authentic expression of the characters involved, staying true to their source. As a fan of Batman and great cinema, I really wish there were more people capable of pulling off this kind of quality in a film—short or full length. Superhero movies done by major Hollywood studios would be vastly improved if they learned from guys like Collora (and BITS) about how to make a proper superhero movie.
Well played, sir!
Batman: Dead End
shows Batman tracking down the escaped Joker one dark and stormy night... when he gets caught in a confrontation between Aliens being hunted by Predators!
World’s Finest: Superman/Batman delightfully features the iconic Bats AND Supes, as they deal with a collaboration between Lex Luthor and Two Face.
Although this one is presented as a trailer, it does everything a trailer should: self-contained summary that doesn’t give away the whole story and leave you feeling like you just saw the movie, and leaves me wanting more…

*image credits- Collora Studios*

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