Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beneath the surface of reality lurks

When I heard author Lee Thomas speaking on various panels at ApolloCon science fiction convention this year, I was immediately impressed by his insightful perspectives on storytelling, and the horror genre. At day’s end, I bought a book titled Inferno (personally autographed)— a short story anthology he highly recommended, with one of his stories. And I’m not prone to impulse buying. My impression was correct.
Happily enthralled, I couldn’t put the book down, and finished in less than two days, and immediately searched the Internets for more. To my great satisfaction, he is not a one hit wonder, as I found other stories of his that totally don’t suck. While I enjoy the horror genre, I’m not a big fanatic for it. Lee Thomas clearly knows how to do it right. He has kindly put a few short stories online for our edification, so you can see for yourself… get an idea as to what his writing style is like. One entitled Lullaby was particularly exhilarating.
As I wrote in the intro for my book But The Owl Knows (available on this blog), talented writers exist outside the mainstream.
But they must be— deserve to be—sought out, supported.
Lee Thomas is one such.

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