Saturday, July 18, 2009

In a roundabout way

Mentioning the Artemis Eternal site before Wingman Central would be an obvious, typical thing to do. So I'm not gonna do that. Wingman Central is an Internets-hub created by and for supporters (dubbed Wingmen) of cinematic renegade/web personality Jessica Mae Stover-- producer of sci-fi short film Artemis Eternal. Its mandate is to organize the Wingmen into a cohesive community that can more effectively increase awareness about Jessica's online/filmmaking projects. The spirit of Artemis Eternal is all about defying what is expected, to create alternative innovations for how & why things are done... like better ways of making movies.
More than just a movie, Artemis Eternal is a movement (& mindset) perpetuated by the Wingmen.

learn more... do more... be more:

*image by Jessica Stover

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