Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going silent into that good night

Daniele Napolitano’s short film Notte Sento is remarkable enough with its enigmatic & cinematic narrative, but is especially noteworthy for its style of cinematography.
Shot with a Canon EOS 30D camera, the film is composed of over 4500 still photographs!
The quirky-jerky flow of stop motion perfectly suits and enhances a sense of surreality and disjointedness inherent in the story.
*image credit- Napdan*

Synopsis: A woman (whom I imagine as deaf) misses a train in Rome one night, and a chance encounter with a man-- strangers to each other-- inspires a change of plans. Together, they spontaneously embark on a platonically romantic adventure of friendly fun through the city, simply enjoying each other’s company as people, thereby surpassing any clichéd sexual associations in the relationship. No expectations but a child-like innocence of trust & companionship of two individuals on a shared journey for the night.

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