Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hooray For Hillywood!

The Hillywood Show is a remarkably unique sketch comedy series... with a twist. Hilly and Hannah Hindi will amaze you with their stunningly faithful & quirky imitations of movie characters. Almost every character is brilliantly portrayed by the 2 sisters!

The series features Pirate Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean), as he trundles through a loose hodge-podge re-enactment of scenes from various movies... like Terminator, Back To The Future, Star Wars and Sweeney Todd.
They have also produced phenomenal music video parodies for The Dark Knight and Twilight, with another for New Moon planned in 2010.

The writing in the series is a bit on the silly side, but the acting, directing, cinematography, FX, makeup & wardrobe are quite impressive. Especially when you consider they do virtually everything themselves.
These resourceful & talented ladies are on the cutting edge of new media entertainment. And so much fun!

Marvel at the magnificence of The Hillywood Show

photo credit to Hilly and Hannah Hindi

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