Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is a job for Superman

Superman is sometimes referred to as The Man Of Tomorrow.
In a brilliantly written & executed short film by Jim Cliffe and Kulchera Matson, called Tomorrow’s Memoir , an amazing tale of symbolically sublime subtlety unfolds.
Deliberately vague and meta-textual, the film envisions a possible future where a super powered hero of days past is forced out of retirement at a critical moment. Told in first person narration, the protagonist is never directly identified as Superman (or even Clark, Kent or Kal-El), but several fanboy-satisfying clues or easter-eggs laced through the story indicate that he is The Man of Steel. Both an implied story of Superman and a metaphoric representation of the superhero genre, pure genius:
*image property of Jim Cliffe, Kulchera Matson, Temporal Ellipsis Productions

An elderly man reflects on his unusual past and the choices he's made, while a mysterious crisis develops within his city.
He is a man with secrets, bitterness, lies and regret. And he's being watched.

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