Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wire-Crossed Lovers

There is much to love about (and learn from) the charming low-budget sci-fi short film Suzannah , written & directed by Huw Bowen. Merging simplicity with complexity—in both narrative and production value, Suzannah commendably does a lot with relatively little, while also using a “less is more” approach.
One of the many noteworthy aspects of this film is its adept application of subtle detail to create a multi-layered reality and textured plotline.
For example, incorporating a distinctive clothing fashion and architectural aesthetic, as well as remarkable special FX to depict a “mundane” integration of high tech elements into the characters’ daily lives... the same way we now take the internet and cell phones for granted. Subtle nuance & seemingly insignificant atmospheric details are vital for imbuing authenticity in a reality. The special FX are surprisingly sophisticated for such a low budget rendering.
Not everything is exactly what it seems at first, as a lonely computer programmer discovers-- in an ironic twist of plot-- when he travels to a distant planet to meet the woman he loves.
*image credit- Huw Bowen*

Another Bowen film is the as yet unreleased, tentatively called Schrödinger's Girl, which looks potentially rather good and interesting.

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