Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jokes On You

I’ve long believed that the comic book fan films of the prolific & ambitious Blinky Productions approached greatness, but have always fallen short of what they tried to achieve.
But their Batman fan film Call Me Mr. J is a wonderful exception. Although not without flaws, the writing, acting and directing make the story believable & authentic, and the best comic fan film work I’ve seen from Blinky.
Call Me Mr. J gives a different interpretation of the therapy session scenario depicted in another awesome Joker fan film from Bat In The Sun titled Patient J, while paying homage to Chris Nolan’s Batman films.
*image credit-Blinky Productions*

Producer Chris Notarile does an impressive Heath Ledger "inspired" performance as The Joker (which excuses any inadequacies in his “impersonation”).
After the events of The Dark Knight movie, Joker is in Arkham Asylum being counseled by criminal psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, excellently played by Johanna Telander. Brilliant and very satisfying enactment of the gradual progression of how Dr. Quinzel is slowly smitten with Joker in a kind of Stockholm syndrome, as Joker uses his charm to transform her into Harley Quinn.

Co-written & produced by Chris Notarile
Directed & co-written by Kim Santiago

Blinky also has a few great original stories:
Bitter Sweet

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