Monday, August 17, 2009

Just The Doctor

Going by the “stage name” of Kenneth Raymond Moore, Kenneth Dinkins is a talented & versatile filmmaker, as well as a really good actor and musician. Not only does he manage directing, music, and post production, visual FX elements, but also often appears in his films.
You can view samples of his film work on his Dark Glasses Productions youtube page, where he demonstrates a wide variety of non-trivial technical capabilities.
Kenneth is in the process of creating what looks to be an excellent fan made series with great potential called Doctor Who 2009, in which he stars as the title character. His performance and portrayal of The Doctor is amazing, and there's a sense of epicness to this project.
Originally intended to premier April of ’09, he is currently attempting to resolve unexpected technical difficulties, and will release as soon as possible. Being a fan of Doctor Who and great stories, I’m very excited about this ambitious & high quality project, and hope it becomes presentable one day soon.
Judging by the trailer for Fire and Ice, which is meant to be the first episode of 13, the series is gonna be fantastic.

See more clips from this brilliant and multi-talented artist on his myspace videos page.,

AND... Kenneth was in a cool band once called Bad Wolf , playing guitar and writing most of the songs.

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