Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple in its complexity

Told with voice over narration through pristine cinemagraphy, Similo is an ambitious concept: science fiction short film-functioning-as-trailer, surprising in both scope and plot twist at the end. I don’t appreciate spoilers, so I won’t reveal what happens and ruin the surprise for you. But I will say this much: This film/teaser is an interesting fully contained stand-alone piece, that also fits into a more extensive project… a world building glimpse representing and implying a larger world stage to be called SIMILO 2008. In the same way that The Matrix is merely an indication or precursor of what surrounds it.
As all proper sci-fi does, the story engages an illustration and exploration of questions on the human condition.
Artfully directed by Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor (aka-Miguel de Olaso), and written by Zacharias— this wonderful, contemplative narrative is expressed with a suggestive and sublimely minimalist approach… doing more with less.
Photobucket *image credit- MacGregor*
See also:
NEW SIMILO … a similarly separate but connected quasi-short film.
Plus this untitled snippet occurring in, and elaborating on, that same reality.
I’m eager to see more of this world.

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