Monday, August 3, 2009

This is who we are: Millennium virtual season 4

Millennium is my favorite TV show of all time, after Star Trek: TNG. Tragically under-rated, but of exceptional caliber in every aspect of production… innovative and ahead of its time, thus receiving much less appreciation than it deserves.
Millennium aired on the FOX Network in the United States from the fall of 1996 to the spring of 1999.
*image credit-FOX*
In typical FOX-fail, the series was canceled prematurely… just months away from the actual millennium in 2000. Two fans of the show, Matt Asendorf and Dan Owen, took the initiative to become Executive Producers for an unofficial Virtual Season Four of 22 episodes; collaborating with several volunteer writers. Composed and consisting of only scripts, written in a professional level quality on par and consistent with the actual TV series, The Millennium Virtual Season 4 was (and is) a phenomenal achievement. Extending the series towards year 2000, virtual season 4 is a natural and logical continuation of the series, and just about everything I’d want from the show if it had not been so disrespectfully canceled by FOX. And like each of the actual seasons that were filmed, the virtual one established a new tone, creating a distinct identity, re-inventing itself while still being true to the show’s premise & continuity.
I wish they had made a season 5. And I wish FOX would make a movie— hiring the writers like those involved in this project.
Story telling in The Millennium virtual season 4 is just as compelling and thoughtful as the FOX series, and sets an example of excellence that all fan fiction should aspire to.
Joss Whedon is doing something similar with comic books as the medium for Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 8.

Episodes also available HERE


  1. "A phenomenal achievement" ... Well, I don't know about THAT. ;) But thanks for saying so. -- Matt Asendorf

  2. Fantastic article and thanks to Matt for bringing the Millennium Fan Community to its attention and thank you, more importantly, to Sean for bringing this project to more people's attention.

    I wasn't involved with this project by the way but I know how much pleasure it has brought to myself and to others. Kudos to the team of Virtual Season Five for their own efforts as well which are equally as enjoyable. With VS6 not in the works Millennium is still going string thanks to the work Matt, Dan and his team did on that project. Well done you! This is who we are!