Monday, August 3, 2009

Chonastock: Imagine, if you will

Charis Sutton and Ona Victoria Okon elevate the craft of cos-play above merely dressing up at Cons into a photo-narrative art form.
Collaborating their skills as costume designers, models & photographers, these two geek-girls got the bright idea to create Chonastock. Together, they imagine and stage fantastic snapshots of sci-fi/ fantasy scenes, with themselves as featured characters. Individually and collectively, these dramatically subtle and aesthetically pleasing images enable us to infer a story within each particular photo set. And like all true artisans, it is done just for fun, for the sake of art.
Although they may not do this professionally, there is nothing technically amateur about them, either in quality or imagination.
Some of their most well-known & popular work in the geek community are their Star Trek series photo sets.
*image credit- Chonastock*

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