Friday, August 21, 2009

Vika Goes Wild: piano master

Although a talented, classically trained pianist, Vika Yermolyeva likes to score and play covers for heavy metal, rock and alternative music. Impressively, she composes all sheet music herself!
Yes, Vika does this for fun. Simply by listening to the song.
That’s how awesome she is.
Even more impressive, not only can she play the music, but plays uncannily well. Which is an understatement.
Her youtube channel is called vkgoeswild , and when you see her put fingers to keys, you can see why.
When she plays piano, her performance is of such passionate intensity, devotion and skill that it is as if she is giving a magnificent speech or a sermon.
Vika is like a musical linguist, she intuitively & intellectually understands the language, translating note code into beautiful, vigorous music.
For Vika, playing piano is a full body, full mind, full soul experience.
Definitely some of the best instrumental covers you’re ever likely to have the privilege of hearing.

Sheet music and free downloadable MP3s of many of her songs are available on her website--
This year, she released a digital CD for sale titled "Consolation", which contains 14 tracks of improvisations and classical pieces—also available through her site.

Consistent with her ability to become one with the music, Vika also enjoys dancing, and has a uniquely graceful and exotic rhythmic flow she demonstrates in a few videos.

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