Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back To Frank Black (Revive Millennium campaign)

Since the Millennium TV series was pre-maturely canceled (by infamous FOXfail) in ’98, a great many devoted fans of the show have been hoping and asking for a return, in some form, regardless of medium. And that fanbase is global.
A collective of eager fans at fan site This Is Who We Are decided to establish the Back To Frank Black initiative: a campaign to revive the world of main character Frank Black became active in October 2008— 10 years after the show ended!
No, not ended--- was murdered; the story is far from resolved.
The virtual fourth season in 1999-- another fan project—is a remarkable continuation, but the Frank character and his reality are complex & dynamic enough that there are plenty of more stories to tell in that universe. A separate fan group constructed a fifth virtual season, and although it wasn’t nearly as well done, it reveals a continual passion for Millennium among the fan community.
Back to Frank Black isn’t a nostalgic endeavor seeking to go back to the series, so much as it is about bringing the world of that TV series forward to us in today’s reality. Frank Black and the world he lives in make an excellent platform or canvas on which to explore/express the human condition in the hopes and fears through what is still the millennial age in 2009.
This fan campaign has been acknowledged and supported by several of the people involved in creating the show, who also love Millennium and want to see it come back. In recent years, lead actor Lance Henriksen and writer/producer Frank Spotnitz have spoken of returning to the character. Both are vocal proponents for getting back to Frank Black, and fans often ask them about a return.
As Lance mentioned in an interview with Back To Frank Black, “If they don’t make this movie... something is really wrong in the universe.”
Damn Skippy!
Millennium is an innovative story telling concept and intelligent TV show-- by X-Files creator Chris Carter-- that premiered in 1996 and ran for three too short years. The show focused primarily on Frank Black, a criminal profiler working for a private consulting agency called the Millennium Group—which turned out to be a secret society involved in millennial events.
I and Back To Frank Black invite you to join the advocacy for returning to the Millennium story.
But more than just a campaign information hub, Back To Frank Black also provides interviews with Millennium related “celebrities”, blog updates, pod cast, merchandise, links, and fan connections.
Plus, they are on TWITTER at and
The time is still now, and this is who we are.

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