Monday, August 24, 2009

Batman’s Promise

Pleasantly surprising, Reign Of Fate , a Batman fan film produced by Loose Noose, is much better than I expected at first glance.
Writer & Director Jonathan Chiovitti has composed not only a decent fan film, but also a really good Batman story that summarizes the essence of the Batman mythos while telling a new tale. Most of the acting and casting choices were solid, realistic and consistent with the comics characters involved.
The only significant complaint I have is how feeble & cheesy the bat suit often looked on screen-- would have been more effective narratively and visually to keep Bats more in the shadows & off camera.
*image credit- LooseNoose*

Chiovitti’s attempt was to create a life action version of the Batman animated series of the late ‘90s, and he succeeds—which is a compliment, because the cartoon was awesome.
A well known and lesser known villain from the comic book/cartoon are included-- Penguin and Lockup (with a reference to Bane), as well as a new original one.
Augmented with well chosen and fitting soundtrack music from other movies, skillfully integrated to reflect a Batman sensibility. Reign Of Fate manages to do quite a lot with the limited resources available. Low budget doesn't inherently mean low quality.

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