Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guilded Avatars

When the Do You Want To Date My Avatar? promo music video for season 3 of hugely popular The Guild web-series was released, I resisted watching it for nearly a week.
Because— although I think Felicia Day is a very gifted actress & singer... I don’t like The Guild. (shock and horror!!!) Felicia is a diverse array of awesome in Buffy and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, and even in The Guild. But The Guild does not impress me. Well, sure, creating & overseeing a so well produced independent web-series and achieiving such critical and popular acclaim is an impressive accomplishment... but I don’t care about the story.
Video games bore me (more shock and horror!), and I consider them to be mostly a time suck. And I’m generally not a fan of comedy; it tends to detract from and diminish authenticity of narrative with ridiculous/retarded scenarios & behaviors that prevent me from taking the material seriously, and therefore keeps me from believing it.
I can count the number of comedy TV series I like on one hand, and those all make integrity of the narrative more important than getting a laugh (How I Met Your Mother, Freddie, Titus, and occasionally Scrubs).
But I digress.
After seeing so much positive chatter on my geek channels about Do You Want To Date My Avatar?, my curiosity decided I should see if I was missing something. Indeed I was!

Glorious! I didn’t really know what I was missing. This is absolutely some of Felicia Day’s best performances—not just acting, but singing. And so much fun!
Dude, the lady can sing... with the voice of an angel.
I still don’t like The Guild, but I totally love this beautifully produced and choreographed video. Oh, and that voice!

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