Friday, December 4, 2009

The Vetala: under mysterious circumstances

A supernatural thriller web series based on an ancient Sanskrit myth of a hostile spirit creature, The Vetala is two stories in one, starting off seemingly a crime drama mystery, gradually & surprisingly morphing into the sci-fi/horror genre with another kind of mystery. There is much more going on here than is immediately apparent.

Produced, written and directed by DAMON VIGNALE, The Vetala has a fascinating premise, well executed… and is definitely among the better produced of the online episodic series.
Each episode leaves you curious to know where this narrative is going, what happens next? What is the Vetala? And how is it connected to an amateur investigative reporter?
I don’t much care for spoilers, so I won’t tell you what the series is about and ruin the surprising developments unfolding. But as the other entries throughout this blog prove, you can trust that it is awesome and worth watching.

Wikipedia gives a summary of the Vetala from which the show is named:

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