Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Man From Earth: Complex story, simply told

Produced by Falling Sky Entertainment, Jerome Bixby’s independent film Man From Earth is one of the most phenomenal pieces of cinema you will ever have the good fortune to experience... presenting a fascinating & captivating tale.
A perfect example of how a great discussion can sustain, and be sustained by, interesting subject matter—especially when propelled through interesting characters.
A college professor proposes to his colleague friends to consider the possibility of an immortal caveman, unfolding a story, as they begin to confront the reality that this may be a true story-- about him! And that’s not even the most shocking claim to be revealed. Throughout the movie, we wonder –and wander between--whether he is telling the truth, or is just a really good, imaginative story teller.
Sheer elegance in its simplicity, Man From Earth utilizes a minimalist approach (a woefully underestimated sensibility in film making), consisting of a conversation among friends.
To our great shame and misfortune, contemporary social attitudes and storytelling ethos has conditioned an expectation, within our society, that plot development means action and flashy spectacle. Such accoutrements are not what make a story, or make a story good, and may even hinder & distract from a story if used gratuitously.
There is little respect & appreciation these days for the storytelling, oratory power of people talking. Have we forgotten that such dialoguing (and monologuing)is an essential element of Shakespeare's plays?
I highly recommend that you buy/rent and watch this epic story immediately.
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