Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soul Fire Rising: soul searching cinema

Dale Fabrigar and Kurt Patino (King Dream Entertainment) bring us this gem of an original web series: Soul Fire Rising . Mixing thematic and stylistic elements from TV shows Supernatural and Xena, the series might be described as a “sleeper hit”... a pleasant surprise you don’t see coming, in that it’s better than you expect it to be. Lilith, Gabriel and a guardian angel named Eve are the main characters.
Lilith, a demon rebel with her own agenda, takes advantage of the vices Earth has to offer, while also taking many souls.
The Winger, Gabriel, turns Lilith’s world upside-down when he summons her and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Lilith has only to fulfill one task: find the Winger, Eve, and bring her back to Gabriel. The value of Eve’s soul is worth over a million human souls — and Eve is even more vulnerable now that she’s decided to become mortal.
On a journey between heaven and hell, Demons and Angels fight for human souls in a battle for supremacy.

Beautifully filmed, with high production values and a talented cast. Soul Fire Rising has its flaws, occasionally bordering on the cheesy, and I had my doubts at first… but by the third episode—- as the story developed further-- I was hooked.
Cinematically compelling and remarkable special FX, make up and music--- but none of that would matter without the writing of a good story. And Soul Fire Rising is a great, well written story!
(A movie expansion/adaptation is also being planned.)

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  1. Really enjoyed your review. Thank you for finding such diamonds in the rough!