Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Hour Fantasy Girl

More than simply a “coming of age” story, One Hour Fantasy Girl is a thoughtful “becoming of self” story, as a young woman— Becky-- strives to survive on the streets by working as a “fantasy girl” (similar to a prostitute, but with no nudity or kissing).
As hard as she tries, she can’t manage to save enough money to invest in the real estate she hopes for, so she can eventually make the big money. So determined/desperate is Becky to get rich quick, that she willingly suffers the indignity of fulfilling bizarre fantasies.
Along the way, Becky— gloriously portrayed by Kelly-Ann Tursi-- gradually begins to figure out who she really is, and who she wants to be, through a peculiar encounter with one of her clients. In a wonderful surprise plot twist, what seems to be a semi-typical romance developing turns out to be… well, something quite else.

Being a story telling consultant, I would have improved on several minor details, but I can’t really comment about what those are without spoiling anything. One thing I can say is that an opportunity was missed to feature/incorporate music of merit by a real life musician, through a main character who is a musician (Becky’s business partner/agent).
But these detail are, as I said, minor, and the movie is excellent despite them. Which is saying something about the strength of both the narrative & characters.
My only major complaint is that One Hour Fantasy Girl leaves me wanting more… not because it is lacking, but because it didn’t seem finished. A case of "the ending is also a beginning", left open ended and hanging. As the central character, Becky (and by proxy, actor Kelly-Ann)is compelling-- as she should be, fascinating... and the movie ends just as the story starts to begin.
I want to know what happens next in the main character’s on-going journey.

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