Sunday, December 20, 2009

Break: noir misadventures

Written & Directed by Marc Clebanoff (through Cinema Epoch/ Odyssey Motion Pictures/ Full Force Films), the concept for the intensely vibrant independent film called BREAK
is pure genius. Fortunately, so is its execution-- where so many such high concept stories often fail, in any media.
A stylistic crime noir drama, Break plays out like a graphic novel, featuring characters which are simultaneously fully formed & archetypal… without descending into stereotype or caricature.
All the characters are referred to by the cyphers of what they are, the role they play, with names like: The Associate, The Woman, The Man, Haiku, The Bishop, The Mysterious Brunette, The Chinaman, and simply Frank (also not coincidentally the actor’s name).
Despite being character archetypes, each person has fascinating depth and vividly distinct personality & quirks--- the authentic complexity of real people.
The trailer for this movie epically fails to do the story justice, so ignore that and trust me on this: Break is truly Awesome!
Break tells the story of an introverted & introspective, soft spoken hitman (Frank)-- the good guy/nice guy hero type (like Jim Belushi in Angel’s Dance)—who does the job, and well, without becoming the job. He gets caught in a series of plot twists trying to fulfill a double hit assignment, discovering there is no clean break in love or death, as he tries to save/spare one of his targets.
The subject of “breaking” is a recurring theme in Break: emotionally, physically, psychologically, narratively… utilized and engaged to great effect.
There really are no small parts in this "Kill Bill-esque" movie.
Magnificent dialogue, equally complimented by magnificently acted/ directed performances and cinematography.

Netflix it ASAP:

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