Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wil Wheaton Remembers The Future

Wil Wheaton (the renown geek, writer/ blogger and the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek) has been encouraging people to get excited and make things. I commend, and am inspired by, his enthusiastic advocacy to be creative.
One of the most awesome creative project ideas to ever spring forth from the mind of Wil Wheaton is Memories Of The Futurecast ... a brilliant innovation of the trendy transmedia concept--- which is coincidentally all the rage these days.
*image credit- Will Hindmarch and Wil Wheaton*

Futurecast simultaneously extends and translates his Memories Of The Future book from print media into audio.
In Futurecast, Wil reads—- with small venue intimacy-- excerpts from the companion book in his uniquely geeky style of delivery: providing comedically interpretive episode recaps full of snark, behind the scenes commentary & personal insights/ experiences from being Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG, and spontaneous "in the moment" asides.
But as if that wasn’t enough, that’s not all! The whole precession-- much like his entertaining live book readings-- is laced with Wheaton’s "trademark" personality, humor & silliness... marvelously augmented by his non-zero voice-acting skills.
Oh, and there’s a front desk bell (to punctuate certain moments, of course) that becomes almost a character itself in this play.
And I mean 'play' in all senses of the words, because Memories Of The Futurecast is both a fine performance and a lot of fun.

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