Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tyranny: The Series

Written/directed by and starring John Beck Hofmann (of Weatherman Films), TYRANNY THE SERIES is a web series of epic scale & sophistication, showing the magnitudes of high production quality a web series can achieve.
Release of TYRANNY THE SERIES had been halted for over a year, as the creators attempted & failed to acquire corporate support before officially presenting it; with a decision eventually being made to go independent, rather than not show it at all.

It would be more accurate to say that corporate sponsors failed to acquire-- failed to appreciate & understand-- Tyranny; a situation quite familiar to the Wingmen of the Artemis Eternal film project initiative.
But I digress...

Daniel McCarthy, an artist from San Francisco, volunteers for a brain mapping experiment at Berkeley University, in November 1999. During the experiment, he has a vision of what he believes to be the future.
Unable to clearly remember what it was he saw & what happened in the experiment, Daniel embarks on a quest to solve the mystery, discovering a secret cabal orchestrating a massive global conspiracy to control the world’s population, and encountering underground revolutionaries. Nothing is exactly as it seems.
Particularly interesting & appropriate about Tyranny is that it blurs the lines between reality & fiction (in an almost ARG-like feature); presented as documenting a true story, wherein the characters depict actual people in real life.
Main character Daniel is coincidentally a filmmaker, using his art craft to document this intriguing adventure.

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