Friday, November 27, 2009

Daleks Restored in Doctor Who Fan Film

Restoration of the Daleks , a short Doctor Who fan film created by filmmaker, animator & graphic designer Robert Ritchie, is pleasantly surprising for being not only a beguiling Doctor Who fan film, but also one of high quality production. Especially impressive, considering the minimalist simplicity of the story and set design. Robert & crew manage to do quite a lot with relatively very little.
*image credit- Robert Ritchie*

Like Star Wars, Doctor Who has many fan films, but so very few that are good. To be clear, this is one of the good ones.
The ego-maniacal monologuing of Davros and arrogant servitude of the Dalek are exact duplication of the characters as depicted in the series, visually and behaviorally. Appearance, vocal cadence and nuance of speech for both Davros and Dalek are uncannily authentic, and avoid any feeble caricature. The only real fail of this film is the poor lighting, which cloaks the first third % in darkness.

Restoration of the Daleks is conceptually in-canon, occurring soon after The Time War, initiating the, er- restoration of Daleks we see in the newer Who seasons.

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