Sunday, November 22, 2009

Abigail, In The Machine

Written & directed by Emily Yoshida as her UCLA film school thesis project (at the end of 2007), Abigail is conceptually a rather sophisticated & elaborate production for a student film, and Emily’s first.
Photobucket*image credit- Emily Yoshida*

A social commentary extending our present into an imagined near-future, Abigail depicts a culture which has become so saturated with electronic communication & social media that people start to lose their actual physical presence.
I postponed blogging this amazing film, hoping it would be available for sale. Currently, Emily is giving Abigail for free on DVD to anyone who emails her asking for a copy. And I didn’t want people to take advantage of her generosity.
But this adorable, enigmatic short film is just way too good to not get attention & be seen, and she is apparently willing to pass it out like a promotional flier… happy & satisfied with any interest in her film.
Abigail tells a very intriguing story, and I highly recommend you get a copy and share it & awareness of it with your sci-fi loving friends.

Here’s the official synopsis:
In the urban wasteland of the not too distant future, Sam and her best friend Abigail visit a high-profile club in the virtual underworld. Abigail is thrilled when she meets her favorite celebrity and ends up going home with him, but the next day she is nowhere to be found. Sam goes looking for her, only to find her everywhere-– she has turned into an international icon and sex symbol overnight. Sam follows the trail from the streets of her city to the top of the virtual hierarchy to find out what happened to Abigail, and what she discovers is much larger than she could ever imagine. In a society where so much of a person resides in the Network, what becomes of the rest of us? Abigail may have disappeared off the grid, but Sam resolves to keep looking, no matter where it takes her.

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